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10 Reasons Why You’ve Got to Take a Cruise Before You Die

By Debra Fortosis

You’ve stayed away from luxury cruises because you were afraid they were far too expensive. But, I ask you, what other deluxe vacation can you take that costs $100-$200 per person per day? Count it up! What does it cost you for flights or auto fuel, eating out, hotel stays, individual tickets for an amusement park, snacks, and all the rest? What’s even better is that there are various cruise packages in which younger kids go free or for a reduced rate.

Impeccable Service
Crew members and staff are trained to see to your every need. The minute you leave your berth, maids are refreshing your room, towels, and linens. You are served your dinners promptly and with flair in the formal dining rooms. There’s always a crew member in the vicinity if you need info or assistance.

Perfect Relaxation
At home and work you are constantly bombarded with problems, questions, assignments, phone calls and messages, online distractions, bored kids, and numbing routine. On a cruise, your phone won’t be ringing off the hook, kids will have plenty to do, no bosses or others to pester you, no frantic vacation fatigue. You really get to relax.

Unparalleled Convenience
Instead of unpacking in every blooming hotel, you unpack only once. There is a doctor and a chaplain onboard to serve. You don’t have to pore over maps, drive forever, and possibly get lost before you finally find various landmarks. Security officers are present to protect cruisers. Stores, bars, and shops are right there on the ship. You know how some vacation days are ruined by inclement weather—well, your cruise captain can usually steer the liner away from bad weather so things stay sunny and calm.

Numerous Great Activities
There are on-board activities for every taste imaginable. There are hot tubs, spas, workout rooms, swimming pools and slides, video arcades, jogging tracks, movies, bingo, art auctions, wine tasting, karaoke bars, and much more.

Family Options
Many cruise lines besides Disney offer full programs for children and even teens. Sometimes there is babysitting for infants. Your children will love the activities planned for them by specialists who know what kids like.

International ports/On-shore activities
Some 12-day cruises offer 10 or 11 exotic ports of call. What other vacation could offer such a variety of destinations in that length of time? You can visit historical sites, lounge on crystal white beaches, shop, white water raft, rent motorbikes, deep sea fish, scuba dive, snorkel, whale-watch, or whatever else is available in that area of the world.

Entertainment options vary immensely according to taste. There is a quiet library, educational programs, and crafting classes for some. There are also game rooms, movies, Broadway revues, comedy shows, concerts, variety shows, night life, occasional celebrities—all for your fun and entertainment.

It’s almost amusing. In spite of the shows, the fun, and awesome ports of call, many come back from a cruise raving about the food. Yes, that’s right. There is quality food available 24 hours a day. There are deluxe deli stands, gourmet pizzerias, hamburger grills, cafeterias, and formal dining rooms. I’d advise you to walk the stairways unless you want to come back home with an extra 10-15 pounds around your middle.

There are often cruisers on board from all over the planet. If you’re the outgoing type, make some new friends. You never know what lasting or fulfilling friendships you may make during your cruise. Everybody gravitates to a pleasant, friendly cruise passenger. Why don’t you be one of those?

So what are you waiting for? Go online and book your cruise; you will not regret it.

Caribbean, Mexico and other tropical
Cruise destinations with Holland America Line


By Debra FortosisThe author, Debra Fortosis, is a travel agent. She owns a travel business named MnD Getaways and she loves helping people book travel. She will even help individuals set up their own travel business for a tiny fraction of what might be expected. Her travel site is: – One group she caters to is baby boomers. Her baby boomer travel site is:

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