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5 Best Place to Go With a Car Hire in Athens

By Edds Marhelis

With a recorded history of about 3,400 years, Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens is not only a traditional city but also the birthplace of Olympic Games. This great city is also recognized as the origin of western civilization. Athens is a vibrant place and modern place, yet still very traditional. You will find amazing ancient sites as well as contemporary institutions. Use a car hire in Athens to make the most of your vacation. You will be able to drive the car hire in Athens to all of these interesting places on your next holiday.

  1. Ancient Olympia
    With an Athens car hire, drive towards Elis, which is situated 320 km from South of Athens it will take 4.5 hours to reach this place. The attraction was built in honor of the god Zeus. It is one of the most sacred ancient centers of religious worship. The Olympic Museum showcases ancient sports artifacts which were used by athletes during the historical games. Other attractions around this site include the ancient gymnasium and the Temple of Zeus which are the finest examples of Doric architecture.
  2. Nafplion
    Old Nafplion is considered as one of the most attractive towns in Greece. This tempting place can be visited by an Athens car hire as it only takes 2 hours to drive there. This town was the former capital of Greece and may remind visitors of the Plaka. It has two mountains which overlook the town and the small island fortress called the Bourtzi. The city has a plethora of shops, cafe’s, restaurants, old buildings and hotels you can pick according to your budget. Do visit the beaches: Arvanitia and Karathonas.
  3. Spetses
    Spetses in Greece can be reached from Athens by a short drive. The place offers attractions like the Port and the Square of Dapia, The museum of Spetses, The mansion house of Soterios Anargyros, the church of Panagia of Armata etc.
  4. Pláka
    This picturesque old historical neighborhood of Athens is built on top of the residential areas of the ancient town of Athens. Some of the well worth visiting museums here includes Jewish Museum of Greece, the Greek Folk Art Museum and the Frissiras Museum.
  5. Syntagma Square
    Named after the Constitution King Othon Syntagma Square is located in central Athens, it is a hub for Athens Metro and trams. Visitors can find a free wireless internet access provided by Municipality of Athens at the Square.

By Edds Marhelis – Eduards Marhelis from car hire athens and car hire athens airport

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