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5 Reasons to Visit Mexico This Year on Holiday

By James Burrows

When people think of Mexico, the region’s beautiful beaches, delicious food and unique culture comes to mind. While these are all true, there are so many more reasons why people should consider visiting Mexico. If you are planning a vacation in 2010, then here are five reasons why Mexico should be your destination of choice.

  1. 2010 Bicentennial of Independence
    In the year 2010, Mexico will celebrate 200 years of the independence movement and 100 years of its revolution. The celebrations will feature a number of programs that are designed to help visitors learn more about the country’s history and reflect on the struggle that the people have undergone to bring it to where it is today. This region is definitely worth visiting if only to attend this event; also there are a number of important people from around the world expected to attend.
  2. Affordable Holiday
    Mexico is a popular tourist destination on account of the affordability of travel to this region, inexpensive accommodation options and cheap transport. There are several budget airlines that ply to Mexico from across the world with good airfare packages that will help reduce your travel expenses. Also, if you plan your holiday in the off season, you could get an all inclusive package for a lesser price than you would pay for most other holidays. Even the sightseeing here can be accomplished without spending too much money as most of the region’s attractions are free to visit.
  3. Beaches
    The beaches in Mexico are probably the biggest reason why people choose to visit this country. There are many excellent resorts and beach towns in the peninsula, which include Acapulco, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. All the beach towns offer excellent bathing facilities and water sports that include snorkeling and diving.
  4. Ruins
    History enthusiasts will have more than their share of excitement with the long and varied history of the country should they opt to travel to Mexico, this year; this includes various archaeological sites, with some being as old as 2000 years. Mexico was the seat of the Mayan empire, and runs like Tulum and Chichen Itza are very popular attractions, although there are several other destinations across Mexico worth visiting as well.
  5. Cuisine
    Mexican food is one of the most popular kinds of cuisine in the world and tourists will find dishes that combine a variety of tastes available here. Mexican cuisine uses lot of lentils, flat breads and spice and visitors will enjoy the rice dishes and sandwiches made with different varieties of flatbreads. There are different kinds of foods on offer here from the mild traditional food to the more spicy street food which is what most people associate with Mexico.


By James BurrowsJames works in the travel industry and works with Mexico holiday apartments and Vacation rentals.

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