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Advice For Gay Travel To Hawaii

By Howie Holben

Hawaii provides a pristine paradise that attracts travelers from across the globe to its many-colored picturesque beaches. Because of a welcoming, warm population and a blend of Polynesian, Asian and white European cultures, this island paradise has long been a popular travel destination for both straight and gay vacations. The LGBT community in Hawaii is relatively low-key and not entirely outwardly visible, but gay travel participants will find a welcoming level of acceptance that has come about, in part, from many generations of varied cultures living together with no specific dominant religious or cultural influence as an overriding factor.

Seventy percent of Hawaii’s population resides on Oahu, the third largest island in the chain, which is also home to the state capitol of Honolulu and the popular tourist destination, Waikiki. When traveling to Oahu on gay holidays, the Mexican cafe La Cucaracha is a must-see and offers authentic cuisine, music and margaritas. Oahu’s LGBT community can also be found at the community book, novelty and clothing store, 80% Straight Inc., located in the Waikiki Grand, or one of the LGBT bars and clubs, including Fusion Waikiki, Angles Waikiki, Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand and In-Between. For those who want to head to the beach, a warm welcome will be waiting at Queen’s Surf and below the lighthouse at the world-famous Diamond Head beach.

Those who choose a gay tour to Maui might not find a vibrant scene, other than a small area of Little Beach in Makena, but exploring quaint villages, watching the sunset atop Mount Haleakala and sunbathing near waterfalls all make Maui an enticing locale for gay travel. If exploring what is considered the most tropical and scenic island of them all is part of your plans, Kauai is sure to deliver no matter what time of year you visit. Kauai is home to a clothing optional LGBT-friendly bed and breakfast, as well as an LGBT-owned villa with a Japanese flair and a clothing optional lagoon pool, and is an ideal setting for exploring waterfalls, amazing cliffs and vast canyons.

The Big Island is another friendly option with plenty of LGBT-friendly lodging options, as well as several businesses and restaurants and one bar. Gay vacations on the Big Island include everything from visiting an active volcano or strolling on black sand beaches to exploring a rain forest and gazing in wonderment at the snow on Mauna Kea.

Hawaii is the most remote chain of islands anywhere in the world and is a tropical paradise that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. In a single trip to Hawaii you can snorkel or scuba dive around coral reefs, tour a pineapple farm, visit a volcano, learn the hula, participate in a luau and ride on horseback along black sand beaches. To take full advantage of all that Hawaii offers, consider visiting Hawaii with a gay travel tour, or arranging your trip through a travel agency accustomed to organizing Hawaii gay travel.


By Howie Holben – Howie Holben has traveled throughout the world for more than 30 years. He owns and runs Spirit Journeys, a spiritual gay travel and gay vacations organization. Spirit Journeys has offered unique gay holidays and gay tours since 1992. You can learn more about a spiritual gay tour or gay vacation at

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