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Alaska Cruises Departing From San Francisco

By J. David Rogers

After you have made the decision to book an Alaskan cruise, it is important to consider the port of departure. It is this aspect of booking a cruise that people often forget and it can become a significant added expense that you may or may not be able to afford. Within the United States, there are only five ports of departure and two within Canada to choose from. What this means is that you are not likely going to be living near a port of departure and therefore extra travel expenses will quickly accumulate.

In general, the San Francisco port of departure is the most common and popular. If you are wondering how to book an Alaska cruise departing from San Francisco, it is not as difficult as you may imagine. Many of the most popular cruise lines heading towards Alaska offer you the choice between several ports. If you find that perhaps traveling to Vancouver or even Seattle is too far for you to go, than it is usually simple to find a cruise line which departs out of San Francisco as most of them do.

Princess Cruise Lines
offers a variety of options during the most popular months of year, April through September. Their San Francisco prices are a little higher due to how far north you will be travelling on the ship before you reach Alaska. This is why some people prefer to travel from Vancouver because it is less time out at sea and more time within Alaska exploring.

Royal Caribbean
is another cruise line which offers great options departing from San Francisco through the best months of the year as stated above. Each of these cruise lines offer discounted fares for last minute travel or average accommodations within the ship itself.

With an Alaska cruise departing from San Francisco it is important you enjoy what your cruise ship has to offer. This is where researching your chosen cruise line becomes important. Many of them have pools, hot tubs and games on deck. Within the ship there is often entertainment, great dining experiences and so much more.

Let’s not forget the great experiences you can take in while you are waiting for your departure in San Francisco. There are many diverse subcultures, traditions and foods that can be taken in during your stay. You can also take in many different sporting events, museums and the history of San Francisco. Lastly, don’t forget about visiting the legendary Alcatraz.

Choosing the right port of departure can definitely enhance your vacation. You have the unique opportunity to enjoy more than one area of the world within one trip. Spend two to three days before you depart and maybe even longer when you return to port. This is the life of those who love to cruise!

An Alaska cruise departing from San Francisco can prove to be a historical and breathtaking trip. Experiencing both Alaska and San Francisco within a single vacation can make for a memorable experience.

Golden Princess leaves San Francisco


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