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Alaska Cruises – Top 10 Alaskan Cruise Shore Excursions

By Jim Hunter

Alaskan cruises have so much to offer you onboard – casinos, fine dining, entertainment, and other typical outdoor cruise adventures. However, shore excursions are an important part of all cruises. With the diversity of Alaska, there are many beautiful shore excursions that you can take. Depending on where your cruise goes in Alaska, you may be able to do all or most of these on one single cruise.

  1. Alaska Glaciers
    Visiting glaciers from one or more of the stops on your Alaskan cruise can be a breathtaking and beautiful experience. You can see the glaciers up close, and hike to them or take tours. Going on tours of glaciers, and learning about the diverse plant and animal life found in and around them can be one of the best experiences of your Alaskan cruise.
  2. Alaskan Flightseeing
    Flightseeing is something that comes standard with just about any Alaskan cruise shore excursion destination. Flightseeing is sightseeing by plane, and it came about because of the overwhelming and breathtaking beauty of the Alaska, but the inaccessibility to see much of this state in an afternoon. Each time you’re off the boat, you’ll probably have a chance to do some flightseeing, whether you’re taken to glaciers, national parks or monuments, or simply for a look at the actual land that you’ve been cruising around.
  3. Fishing
    Alaska’s coast is known for its fishing – and its seafood. At just about every stop, you’ll have the chance to do a shore excursion that includes fishing. You can do so from land, from docks, or even from smaller fishing boats. Most of the time, you’ll also be able to sample what you’ve caught as well!
  4. Mining Tours
    Much of current Alaskan history is based around the mining industry. Many ports’ shore excursions include a chance to tour a mine or learn about the history of that particular mine. You’ll be able to see them first hand as well as purchase mining memorabilia. Some towns even have fairs to celebrate their mining history, so you might be lucky enough to visit during that time of the year for a special treat.
  5. Museums
    Every town has a history, but in Alaska, the cities seem to seep with history. You can take a historical tour of cities or small towns in Alaska on most shore excursions. Most cities also have historical museums that you can visit, and some even offer guided tours.
  6. Historical Village Tours
    This kind of excursion includes tours of small villages, which can be very different from tours of large cities. You can see the way that ancient people lived and worked in Alaska, and also learn about the American history that is found in all of these places as well. Village tours are very popular when it comes to shore excursions on Alaskan cruises, because the small villages of Alaska are places where the history is still living.
  7. Monument Tours
    Monument tours are exciting off ship excursions as well. There are lots of monuments that you can visit while in Alaska, and you can often see these by bus, boat, or plane. Many times, you’ll be as excited by the scenery surrounding the monuments as by the monuments themselves.
  8. Rain Forest Tours
    A rain forest in Alaska? Who knew! Alaska’s rain forest can be found in several stops along your Alaskan cruise. You can take rainforest tours or helicopter or flightseeing tours of these areas. You can learn even more about the area and the rainforests as well, on your shore excursions.
  9. Hiking or Biking
    You can get out into the beauty of Alaska and take hiking or biking tours of the surrounding areas on your on shore excursions. You can experience the beauty first hand, by being a part of it. Usually cruise lines will have bikes to rent or hiking trails to suggest to you.
  10. Dog Sledding
    Lastly, dog sledding is an important sport in Alaska, and you can witness it first hand during any time of the year, by visiting dog kennels, learning about the sport, or even trying it out for yourself. Make sure you include this activity and some of those listed above on your next Alaskan cruise!
  11. Alaska Dog Musher Camp
    Princess Cruises shore excursion Coral Princess


By Jim HunterMore and more people are booking Alaskan cruise vacations during the summer months because they’re affordable and there’s so much to see and do. Some of the most popular shore excursions include glacier tours, halibut and salmon fishing charters, and Alaska wildlife viewing. Jim Hunter provides tips for finding discount Alaska cruises and lets travelers in on his secrets for making the most out of a trip to Alaska. Learn about family Alaska cruises, couples cruises, and cruises for singles too.

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