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Alaska Glacier Cruise – Important Information to Plan Your Trip

By J. David Rogers

More than anything, when people consider Alaska for their cruise destination they are interested in one thing, witnessing glaciers as far as they eye can see. Alaska Glacier Cruises have also been called Gulf of Alaska Cruises. No matter what they are called, they are one way cruises that travel through the Gulf of Alaska. Here you will find the glaciers you have always dreamed of seeing, as well as snow capped mountains and wildlife in their own environment. Although this is a one way cruise, it is very popular because of the sights available for touring. It is rare to say you have seen a family of whales or bears playing together without being in a cage or zoo.

First, it is important to acknowledge that this is a one way cruise and therefore proper travel arrangements must be met before you can leave port. What this means is that you have to have arranged airfare to the departure port and then airfare from Alaska. This is incredibly easy to organize with the help of a travel agent to make sure not one single detail is missed. Many people enjoy this form of cruise travel because it is quite simply the best of both worlds. This itinerary gives you the opportunity to spend a few more days exploring what Alaska has to offer because you do not spend the last two to three days at sea to travel back to your departure city.

Some people say that the Alaska glacier cruise is perhaps the better choice if you had to choose between it and the inside passage cruise. This is said because if you take the North bound cruise you will go straight through the inside passage and stop at the same ports and cities you would have had you taken the inside passage cruise. But in addition you will have the opportunity to see the Misty Fjord and yet another day of sight seeing at additional ports. Once the ship arrives in Seward this is where the passengers leave the ship for the last time. At this point of the North bound cruise you have the option to either fly home out of Anchorage or continue to travel on land excursions at your own expense.

Your second option is the South bound Alaska glacier cruise. This is quite simply the opposite of the North bound cruise. You begin your cruise from Seward Alaska, and therefore of course you do not experience the same at sea travels the North bound travellers do. As an option to add to this choice of cruise tour is to travel to Alaska two to three days before in order to take advantage of some of the popular land excursions before you begin your seven day cruise through the glaciers. Make sure to go over your itinerary carefully in order to be sure you are not covering the same cities your cruise will soon cover.

The Alaska glacier cruise is the perfect combination of what tourist love the most about Alaska. – Phillips’ 26 Glacier Cruise Alaska – Official Video


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