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The Aria Buffet – The New Kid in Town – Great Resort But Is the Buffet Up to Scratch?

By Silvana Nucciola

The ambiance is outstanding if you like modern, bright and airy! The resort is beautiful. Huge and modern is the key here.

But the all-you-can-eat restaurant here, no matter how huge it is, has, so far, failed to meet its expectations in terms of flavors. Overall, in terms of quality of dishes, this is very much an average all-you-can-eat. What tips the scale in its flavor is the truly spacious and modern environment.

You will love the space, the huge glass walls overlooking onto the Aria’s treed pools and gardens, you will appreciate the brand new modern decor. You will never wait for a table to clear here, unless they close several sections.

However, as we were walking from dish to dish we soon realized that almost none of them were of high quality. The problem lies in the flavour. The day before we’d been at the Bellagio all-you-can-eat restaurant and perhaps that raised our dining expectations; however, we were mostly disappointed because we expected to highly enjoy our meals here.

The best aspects
of the food offered by this (good but not truly top) city all-you-can-eat are:

  • The small pre-made salads;
    although served in the smallest glass you could ever find (ridiculous!), very much in the style of the Wynn’s, they add a lot of flavor to your otherwise relatively bland salad dish. They contain tasty antipasti-type toppings of relative high-quality.
  • The delicious artichokes
    in the delicatessen section as well as the cold cuts and cheeses (of average quality but always nice to see). You won’t find the higher-end cheeses here like at the Bellagio’s or the Paris all-you-can-eat restaurants.
  • The fact that they serve crab legs for lunch.
    Some of the top-quality all-you-can-eat restaurants, including the delicious Bellagio’s have stopped serving crab legs and other expensive dishes for lunch.
  • Delicious, delicate, non-fattening mash potatoes.
  • A couple of well cooked vegetable dishes.
  • Emmenthal cheese and not only processed cheddar cheese.
  • In the Sushi section
    (which is average and small, as in every This city all-you-can-eat except for the Planet Hollywood Todai Sushi All-you-can-eat) you will find a spicy salmon roll, which was actually different from the usual bland selection you’ll find.
  • The dessert section.
    My friends, who are dessert lovers, have repeatedly stated that they enjoyed this all-you-can-eat dessert section because, although relatively small, it offers unique choices – all delicious – very classily presented. An example of these are the ‘exotic mango glass’ and the ‘Oreo shooter’. Other, more common dessert dishes, such as the ‘cream puff’ are also of high quality and delicious.

The rest is completely average. You will find all you expect from any good all-you-can-eat restaurants in this city: carving station, fish, all ethnic sections, seafood.

The Aria Buffet – Dinner Menu


By Silvana Nucciola Silvana Nucciola contributor to ‘ If you are planning to eat in this great city you could read up on how to Eat Cheaply In Vegas as well as on the special Deals of this Month.

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