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Budget Travel In Australia

By Rich Trader


Places Worth To Visit

  1. Olimpic Park
  2. Sydney City
  3. Under Water World
  4. China Town
  5. Darling Harbor
  6. Opera House
  7. Blue Mountain
  8. Zoo

Refer to paragraph below for cheap & budget visit in Australia

  1. Free discount voucher at airport
  2. Traveling with rail
  3. Traveling with ferry

The very best experience I would like to share is during the visit to Sydney in Australia. The Australia government really put in a lot of effort developing the railway that not only ease people to travel for work but also to those tourism places, and you will be amazed that almost all well-known tourism places are well linked to the rail station that near to your hotel.

And, you don’t have to worry about the ticket fees because the price is really reasonable enough, you can enjoy traveling with it if you plan to have a budget trip, but it is good enough. What you need to be aware of is don’t fall asleep as you might miss the station, once miss it you need to transit to another rail to get back and you may be already far away from the destination you plan to.

Since the railways are so well developed that one railway may split into three or more to different places, so a map of railway is definitely needed because you may need to transit to other train halfway to get to the tourism place. The rail service shut at 11.30pm, but i heard that (not sure) sometimes it extend until 12.30am to 1.00am when there is a football match at the stadium.

If you are a football fens (American football), you can stay in Hotel Novotel or Hotel Iblis that is located in the Olympic park. In the cold season it is recommended to stay in Novotel as the room is warmer than Iblis but it cost you more than staying in Iblis, of course the room at Novotel is more well design, other than that, both hotels are actually sharing the same lobby, same cafeteria.

During normal days you can enjoy the peaceful environment that you can actually see few people but only green trees, colorful flowers, many kinds of birds singing in their own “language” & also beautiful lake where birds flying above while ducks “swimming” on it, …Breathtaking.

During weekend, many families visit to Olimpic Park to enjoy their life, most of them cycling, some skating on roller & skateboard, some jogging, some swimming & some even enjoying big party with family members that may be not seen for some time.

When the football season comes, this silent place will suddenly warm up with a lot of hawkers & visitors. During normal days you may find hard to get food around, only a McD & another burger shop are within the area, but when this enthusiastic football season comes you can enjoy variety of foods, there are Australian hawkers selling their hot burger, delicious Chinese & Japanese foods also available at the Chinese & Japanese hawkers’ store.

So talking about places that i most enjoy is definitely the Sydney city, you can find not only railway is the only transportation to get you to many places but ferry transport also well known here, you can no longer worry about the way to get back to your hotel but instead you can enjoy different kind of transportation to get you to everywhere you like, amazing.

Yes, about the places in or near to the city, i would like to recommend the “Under Water World”, to me it is the place that most worth to visit,… yes another important thing before i forget to tell you is that once you arrived at airport, try to gaze around for some tourism guide book, you may find discount voucher for tourism places in it including the discount ticket for “Under water World”.

In the aquarium, i tell you, i never feel so excited before looking at sharks with the size of almost a truck. WOW !!!. The first time you look at them they are like fake because they are floating in the water from here to there but their bodies seems like no motion at all but you get closer to the glass,… they are really real !!! & frightening. I was worrying will they crash the glasses.!!

Besides, there are a lot more of organism “living” here, from the very tiny “Sea angel” until the lovely penguin & playful sea lion.

After that, you may try to go on foot (if you like to have some jogging), around 20 minutes to the China town. If you are a Chinese or Chinese food lover, here, you can find variety of good food, not only quality but also quantity. For a plate of BBQ chicken, pork or duck rice, it cost you AUS9.00, it is expensive if compare to my country (Malaysia) but it is really worth it. I swear i will go for it next time if i have such opportunity to visit Australia again.

Besides, the Darling Harbor & Opera house also a milestone away, you can reach there by foot. You know, it is good to have some walk in the evening because the fresh air here is pretty allowed, you wouldn’t feel tired but very comfortable & you hardly get sweating (cold season).

By the time you reach Opera House, it is already evening/night time, preferably the sky has turn dark, this is the best time to enjoy the view of the Harbor Bridge just opposite the Opera house. The bridge is lightened up making a high contrast scenery, plus with the gentle wind, sweeping away all unhappiness, stress, every bad feeling, just left behind feeling lucky to be in this world. Yes i have had experienced this touching scenery & will never forget it.

The second worth to visit places the Blue Mountain, if you like mountains, trees, fresh air, parrot, jogging,……all are natural, then this is the best place for you.

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