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Cancun Weather – What the Weather is Like in Cancun

By Arjun Collier

Tropical Cancun
Most of the time, Cancun weather and the weather of the whole Yukatan Peninsula, for that matter, are always beautiful. The average annual temperature of Cancun is 25.5 degrees Celsius with fluctuations of 5 to 7 degrees. The city has a tropical and warm temperature. Marine breezes created by onshore trade winds circulate through its avenues. Despite the occasional strong winds and rain during the months of September, October, and November, the place isn’t as gloomy as it may seem. There’s still the promise of the warm sun.

Rainbows and sun showers are frequent throughout the year, especially during the rainy summer season. Cancun weather is on a high level of humidity and therefore there is always the chance for rain. You won’t frequently experience all-day rain in Cancun, but there’s usually a tropical storm when it does rain. Climate changes are minimal in this area. However, a sweater or light jacket is advisable for the evenings during December, January, and February.

Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring in Cancun
Summer is the hottest time of the year for Cancun weather. It starts in June and ends in August. Its hottest peak is on mid July until August. During these months Cancun fills up with endless vacationers and the beaches are always full. Heat can be unbearable for some people in August. The beaches can get too hot to walk on so shoes or sandals are strongly advised. One can get burned in less than 15 minutes without the proper sun block and dehydration is a major health risk.

Fall starts September and ends on November. This is also a hurricane season in the Atlantic coast, which can bring in tropical storms and even hurricane to the peninsula. December, January, and February is considered winter in Cancun and is the best time of the year to visit the peninsula. Tourists can get the least amount of daylight at this time of year.

Humidity is at the lowest at this period so sweaters and light jackets are suggested to be comfortable. Things start to heat up mid-February and this is considered as the spring season in Cancun that ends in May. This is the wonderful time to visit the area since temperatures are on a typical tropical mood and water temps are warm enough to swim comfortably.

Cancun Weather Advisory
Tropical storm season lasts from May to December and rainy season extends into January with peak precipitation in September. Although large hurricanes are rare, they have struck near Cancun in recent years and created minor damages to its beaches and tourism structures. Since this is the hurricane season for the Atlantic coast, storms and hurricanes are likely to occur at any time within these months. It is always wise to know cancellation policies when booking, and purchasing travel insurance is suggested. Paying close attention to weather reports for Cancun weather on the Internet or in the area during these months will be a factor and is deemed helpful.


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