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The Castro is More Than Just Gay Hotels

The Castro Theatre San Francisco

By Jan DeGier

If one would truly like to experience superb gayness, it would be ideal to recommend a trip to the Castro. The Castro is San Francisco’s largest gay neighborhood that supports itself with its own business establishments and entertainment. Hotels, inns and shops line the streets where the action is always happening.

There are many ways to enjoy a visit to this popular gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) center. Being the center of the California liberal and homosexual activism, there are entertaining yet controversial activities that focus on social change. There are regular weekend stage shows at Brava Theater Center. The center houses Brava! a professional performance arts organization that empowers the female community by presenting and producing live art that tackles feminism and cultural change.

Take a worthwhile visit to the GLBT Historical Society, a recognized educational association that contains historical data of GLBT personalities and community movements. It is the largest archive in the United States dedicated to the GLBT community with noteworthy contributions by the earliest GLBT activists. Because of the vastness of its library selection, it is considered as the “queer Smithsonian.” In addition to its text treasures, it is also a full-fledged academic center that serves as a venue for exhibits, research, presentations and oral histories.

There are notable historical sites to behold in the gay village. There is the Castro Theater, an architectural beauty that features a baroque facade, which incidentally is the 100th San Francisco Historic landmark. On top the usual movies, the theater also features special events that support the GLBT community and multicultural issues such as Frameline, the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film festival. Other festivals held in the theater are Film Noir Festival, German Film Festival, Midnights for Maniacs, SF Silent Film Festival, SF Jewish Film Festival, SF Indiefest, Shock It To Me! Classic Horror Film Festival and the SF Asian American Film Festival.

The Pink Triangle Park and Memorial is a monument that commemorates the experience of some 15,000 homosexuals who were persecuted and killed during the Nazi regime. To identify the gay and lesbian prisoners, the Nazis marked them with a pink triangle cloth sewed on their sleeves. The park and monument features 15 sierra-white pylons with a pink triangle inlaid.

Parade and street fairs highlight the trip to the gay village. The Castro street fair is held every first Sunday of October and headlines live entertainment and DJs, food and community stalls, and street artists. The Dyke March is a lesbian oriented gathering that protests feminism issues and promotes lesbian visibility and activism. It is often held the day before the Gay Pride Parade. It coincides with the Pink Saturday, a street party held the night before the same pride parade.

All year round there are events that take place that make Castro an interesting place to visit. Gay hotels are friendly to straight visitors and provide information about current specials in the city. There is always a party to go to in this colorful village, whether it is festival season or a regular night out.

The Castro in San Francisco – History & Culture


By Jan DeGierWatch this video for more information on Gay Hotels in San Francisco.

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