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Gay Travel Guide – Reasons to Visit Mexico

By Ricardo D Argence Mexico is a welcoming environment for gay travelers. In fact, it is one of the most welcoming places you will find with amazing beaches, hot night life and many historic attractions. It is a well rounded place to visit if you want a vacation with everything. Mexico’s biggest cities are some […] Posted • Nov 4, 2012 • by • in Mexico Gay Travel

How to Save Money on Gay Trips

By Harry Saw If you are planning on going on some gay trips, you want to be able to save money without sacrificing the vacation of a lifetime. When people think about going on vacation, they want something that is going to be fun and entertaining but doesn’t cost a lot of money. Therefore, it […] Posted • Sep 22, 2012 • by • in Gay Travel Tips

The Castro is More Than Just Gay Hotels

The Castro Theatre San Francisco

By Jan DeGier If one would truly like to experience superb gayness, it would be ideal to recommend a trip to the Castro. The Castro is San Francisco’s largest gay neighborhood that supports itself with its own business establishments and entertainment. Hotels, inns and shops line the streets where the action is always happening. There […] Posted • Jun 30, 2011 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

Gay Travel Guide – Cancun, Acapulco Or Puerto Vallarta

By Ricardo D Argence So enough of the congratulations because, with the spring season on the rise and the summer sun just around the corner, I know you are dying to know where you will be going for your next vacation. So here it is! One of the up and coming gay destinations that will […] Posted • Jun 21, 2011 • by • in Mexico Gay Travel

San Francisco Pride

SFPD San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

By Jonny Cooper For the worldwide gay community, San Francisco has become almost like Mecca. This is a city steeped in the gay movement, dating back to the heady days of the 60’s and 70’s, when areas such as the Castro blossomed alongside the political ascendancy of Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician who championed […] Posted • Jun 21, 2011 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

Mexico Beaches – Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada

By Richard Chapo With shores on two oceans, Mexico is a beach lover’s paradise. Here’s a primer on two of the beach areas, Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada Puerto Vallarta Considered a poor man’s Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta lies in the middle of the Bahia de Banderas, a huge bay. The beach is long and nice while […] Posted • Apr 15, 2011 • by • in Mexico Gay Travel

Gay Travel Guide – Why You Must See Las Ruinas Del Rey

By Ricardo D Argence Everybody knows that Cancun is a popular hot spot for gay and lesbian travelers. No matter what time of year it is, there is something to be said about the beautiful beaches, the fun people, and the great food. When combining all of this with members of your gay and Lesbian […] Posted • Apr 15, 2011 • by • in Mexico Gay Travel

Gay Bars – Brighton

Men in cafe

By: Jim S Smith Brighton is known as a major gay and lesbian destination for visitors from both the UK and around the world. The city has many gay bars to choose from. The main ‘gay village’ is called Kemptown and is located in the centre of the city. This area of Brighton has numerous […] Posted • Apr 15, 2011 • by • in Gay Travel

Top Ten Reasons to Go on a Gay Cruise

By Loy Bond Stupid as it might sound, this is a valid question. There are other vacations to take – you could hit New York City and live it up for a few days, fly to Hawaii for a week, get married in Toronto, check out gay bars in Singapore or get it on with […] Posted • Apr 15, 2011 • by • in Gay Cruise

Gay Vacations in Cancun, Swimming With Dolphins

By Ricardo D Argence I know you’re more than ready for that getaway to gay paradise. You’ve got the tickets, you’ve packed your bags, and you’ve picked out your outfits for every night. But wait, there’s one more thing you have to do. You have to read this article. If you’re the peaceful type, I […] Posted • Apr 15, 2011 • by • in Mexico Gay Travel

Cancun, The Hottest Gay Friendly Beach in Mexico

By Ricardo D Argence If you travel to the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find the beautiful paradise known as Cancun. You will see that the older part of the city is joined by bridges to the newest part of Cancun. The newest part has become the main part for tourists and has become a resort […] Posted • Apr 7, 2011 • by • in Mexico Gay Travel

Because It’s Fun to Be Out Outdoors! – A Mini Travel Guide to Gay Beaches

By Michael M David Now that the title caught your attention, as of now I’m wondering about your reason for having interest in this article… Curiosity? Have plans already but do not know how or where? Wants to confirm the rumor that the one you’re currently dating goes there? Whatever the reason, just stick around […] Posted • Apr 7, 2011 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

Is Las Vegas For Gays And Lesbians?

By Elisabeth Fenton Yes, of course Vegas is for gays and lesbians! Las Vegas caters for all and has a thriving gay scene, although public displays of affection by same sex couples are not common even though Vegas has a reputation for wild partying and the extreme. Civil unions and same sex marriages are not […] Posted • Apr 4, 2011 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

Thinking About Booking a Gay Cruise?

  Royal Carribean  Navigator Of The Seas  Cruise Ship Atlantis Pool Party and Tea Dance  Mediterranean Cruise  (Barcelona to Rome)  By Alicia Chewe People with alternate lifestyles can spend their holiday on a designated gay cruise rather than being part of a cruise full of people who don’t share the same interests and way of life. There […] Posted • Mar 21, 2011 • by • in Gay Cruise

Gay Travel to Hawaii

By Howie Holben Hawaii is a Pacific paradise that has long held a distinct allure for travelers from around the world. With a warm, welcoming native population and a well-balanced, culturally-rich blend of Asian, Polynesian and white European cultures, Hawaii is a popular destination for straight and gay vacations alike. While the LGBT community may […] Posted • Mar 20, 2011 • by • in Gay Travel

Bangkok Gay Nightlife – Where to Go and Where to Stay

By James P. Hunt Bangkok’s gay nightlife has attracted visitors from all corners of the world in search of bars and clubs with the right crowd and atmosphere. And where can you find these bars and clubs? Where else but in Bangkok’s red light district called Patpong. Patpong is most well known for go go […] Posted • Nov 14, 2010 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

The Other Rome – Europe’s Gay Village

By Roy Heale Almost everyone knows the expression “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” and wandering around this ancient city you will soon realize that it will take several days just to visit a few of the numerous historic sights and monuments. The Eternal City—as Rome is renowned— is perhaps the only urban center in […] Posted • Oct 31, 2010 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

Gay Friendly Dublin Hotels

By Mairead Foley O’Connell Street area This is Dublin’s main street and it runs right through the capital from Parnell Square to O’Connell Bridge. It’s said that this street is one of the widest in Europe! Previously known as Sackville Street, it has featured in many historic Irish events and is home to attractions like […] Posted • Oct 29, 2010 • by • in Gay Friendly Hotels

Brighton – Gay Capital of the UK

By Eoin Evans Gay men and women have long turned to Brighton in order to enjoy a place where they can express their beliefs – and enjoy their lifestyle – among like-minded people. There’s never been a better time in history to be gay, and if you live in the UK, or anywhere in the […] Posted • Oct 27, 2010 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

London Gay Pride

By Jonny Cooper London’s Gay Pride is a massive event that has been steadily growing since its inauguration back in the 70’s. While raising awareness about gay rights issues is still high on the agenda, the festival today has less of a protest feel than it did during its inception; instead the atmosphere is palpably […] Posted • Oct 27, 2010 • by • in Gay Travel Tips

Tips on Gay and Lesbian Travel

By Adriana A Noton Today, celebrating diversity is becoming more of the norm in our society, especially alternative couples such as Gays and Lesbians. More businesses are recognizing that Gays and Lesbians are an important niche market. This is especially true for the travel industry. The travel industry is one area that is tapping into […] Posted • Oct 27, 2010 • by • in Gay Travel Tips

What Are Gay Group Cruises All About?

By Loy Bond If you’re not ready for an all-gay cruise, or there’s something you don’t like about them, the next best thing is gay group cruises. Gay group cruises are basically an organized group of gays on what would be an otherwise straight cruise. They’re treated like any other group, such as a company […] Posted • Oct 26, 2010 • by • in Gay Cruise

What You’ll Find on an All-Gay Cruise

By Loy Bond Conjure up all the images you can of what you think an all-gay cruise is like, and just sort of put that on hold for a minute. Yes, all the gay butt-slapping, towel-whipping, wristband-wearing, speedo and banana hammock-donning buff guys with no chest hair and perfectly chiseled faces… put all that aside. […] Posted • Oct 25, 2010 • by • in Gay Cruise

Advice For Gay Travel To Hawaii

By Howie Holben Hawaii provides a pristine paradise that attracts travelers from across the globe to its many-colored picturesque beaches. Because of a welcoming, warm population and a blend of Polynesian, Asian and white European cultures, this island paradise has long been a popular travel destination for both straight and gay vacations. The LGBT community […] Posted • Feb 19, 2010 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

Berlin, European Capital of the Gay World

By Diana Roig Berlin is a cosmopolitan and modern city, very committed to the gay cause. Because of that it is one of the three gay capitals in Europe, together with London and Amsterdam. Even its town’s mayor, Klaus Wowereit, has declared himself openly gay. There isn’t an unique gay neighborhood in the city, as […] Posted • Feb 17, 2010 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations