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Ecuador: The Newest Option For Gay Travelers

By: Peter Lauffer Gay expedition cruises to the Galapagos Islands have been very well known for some time, and there are several of these cruises offered every year. But Ecuador has much more to offer for the Gay and Lesbian Traveler-not the least of which is privacy, enjoyment, and a sense of comfort in the […] Posted • May 14, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel

Gay Travel: The Galapagos Islands–a Premier Destination

Author: Peter Lauffer The finest Galapagos yachts are available for Gay Cruising to discover this unique Natural Paradise. Experience the Galapagos Archipelago on a gay cruise—something very special–and certainly not for everyone. One can learn about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and spend quality time with a partner far away from civilization. You can be personally […] Posted • May 14, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel

Gay Wedding In Toronto – Same Sex Marriage

By: Rafi Michael Since the Supreme Court of Canada made it legal for gays and lesbians to marry, Toronto has had an influx of adventurous couples coming to town for Toronto Gay Weddings! If you’re gay and you want to get married Babylon Productions Wedding Centre is your destination! Not only is your relationship sanctioned […] Posted • May 14, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel

Gay Guide To Bangkok At Night

By: Andy Burrows The tolerant nature of modern society in Thailand has made many a traveler feel comfortable and at home despite being in Asia. It has also made Bangkok the site of many an unforgettable party. There is fun to be had in a variety of locations around the city from the comforting company […] Posted • May 5, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel

Puerto Rico Holiday

By: Greg Scott If the magic of New Orleans still isn’t sufficiently Caribbean for you, think about going a bit further into the sea. Puerto Rico natives are American citizens, but the culture is wonderfully different while still familiar. For American citizens, that means you don’t need a passport nor a visa! While the dominant […] Posted • May 5, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel

Cape Town Accommodation Travel And Tourism For The Gay Community

By: Jonathan Guest CAPE TOWN GAY LEGISLATION South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world and outlaws homophobia (hate speech on the grounds of sexual orientation is illegal), protects the sanctity of same-sex relationships and new legislation has acknowledged homosexual marriages. This being said it does not mean that Cape Town […] Posted • May 5, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel

Gay Brighton – Top 10 Tips For Your Visit

By: Jim S Smith Brighton – or The City of Brighton and Hove to give it the official title – has one of the largest gay/lesbian populations as a percentage of the overall population in Europe. It is Britain’s youngest city and is proud of it’s liberal diversity. Therefore it is no surprise that Brighton […] Posted • May 5, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel

Gay Barcelona – A Guide To Barcelona For Gay Visitors

By: James Burrows You people generally know Barcelona for its historic & culture excellence, architectural magnificence, and artistic opulence, but the city is also known for sensual pleasures. Barcelona certainly is the city that stores plenty of fleshy pleasures for gays & lesbians. It is one of the most popular gay holiday destinations in the […] Posted • May 5, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel Destinations

Manchester, Gay Party Capital of the UK

By: Sean Lamb Manchester’s Gay Village, which is centred around Canal Street, close to the Chinese centre, has just about recovered from being featured in the popular BBC series ‘Queer as Folk’ when it became the destination of hen and stag nights, giving it almost a zoo like status. The reason it was chosen as […] Posted • May 5, 2008 • by • in Gay Travel