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Hotels in England – the Splendid Place to Stay

By Nancy Eben England, the part of United Kingdom, is the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy. It consist of two third of island of Great Britain and the offshore island, known as the Isle of Wight. Much of England also consists of rolling hills and largest natural harbors. Land of many rivers enjoy temperate climate and […] Posted • Jul 29, 2012 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

Top Picks: Popular Places To Visit In London

By Carolyn Clayton Anyone who visits the place for the first time should know about the popular places to visit in London. After all, such spots are famous for a reason, and each one of them should be experienced by any tourist who happens to drop by London. Here are the top choices visitors and […] Posted • Jun 21, 2011 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

London’s Six of the Best Hotels

By Max Brockbank As one of the largest, most historic and most famous cities in the world, it stands to reason that there are plenty of outstanding hotels in London. Rather than worrying about finding suitable accommodation, then, one must try to narrow down their list of options; it isn’t easy. From sumptuously luxurious hotels […] Posted • Jun 21, 2011 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

Planning a Scotland Golf Vacation


By Ian Jack Planning Ahead When is the best time to go, High season for golf is May to October, best weather is July & August, you should try to start planning at least 6 months out but 1 year out is better. All U.S. Citizens traveling in Europe must have a valid passport good […] Posted • Jun 21, 2011 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

London, England – Knightsbridge

By Harry Preston Technically, Knightsbridge runs along the bottom of Hyde Park, from its east corner to Queen’s Gate, and south to Brompton Road. But in the general imagination it figures larger, partly because it is often included with parts of Brompton and Belgravia, partly because there is so much conspicuous wealth. It has the […] Posted • Mar 11, 2011 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

London’s Most Romantic Spots

By Eoin Evans Regardless of whether you are a native of London or are just passing through the city, London is one of the most romantic locations in all of Great Britain. Here are a few of the most well known romantic spots in London. Cruising the River Thames The beautiful Thames river has many […] Posted • Nov 13, 2010 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

London’s Landmarks

By Susan J Ashby The following article will attempt to look into a few of the many landmarks in and around the city of London. Some of these are well known, and some not so well known. While residents will be familiar with these, not all visitors will be as familiar or have an idea […] Posted • Oct 31, 2010 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

Aruba: A Little Tropical Paradise for Tourists

By Michel Kant If you are looking to take a leave from your daily work and want to go some place to refresh your mind, then Aruba is the best place for you. This little island of the southern Caribbean ocean is offering some wonderful sea beaches for the tourists. The natural beauty and the […] Posted • Oct 27, 2010 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

What You Need To Know About What To Do In Kensington London

By Carolyn Clayton A district in West London, Kensington is a wealthy and highly-populated part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is most known for its affluence and cultural scene. Offering a large selection of interesting places to visit, any tourists in town will surely know what to do in Kensington London. […] Posted • Oct 27, 2010 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

Luxury Vacations to London: Vacations to Remember

By Margaret Winfrey Most luxury vacations to London England will offer you everything that the tourists do, such as visiting the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the like.  While this is fine, it can be a bit ‘samey’ if you have visited London before, and if you like the city but want to experience […] Posted • Feb 15, 2010 • by • in UK Travel Destinations

London’s Five Most Notorious Hotels

By Max Brockbank As a modern, cosmopolitan city, London attracts its fair share of celebrities; those celebrities in turn attract their fair share of scandals. Some of the most sedate and respectable hotels in London have played host to scandalous behavior; here are a few of the most notorious. Portobello Hotel London This beautiful and […] Posted • Dec 31, 2009 • by • in UK Travel Destinations