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China Cruises – A Delight on the Seas

By Shivendra Saxena

China cruise offers travelers a wonderful opportunity to explore the vibrant country. Exploring the crowded cities, stunning beaches, varied landscapes and the age old civilization of China are just a few things that you can enjoy on this cruise. There are many cruise destinations and ports that you can see and visit while on a cruise in China. If you have preference for certain route, you will have to book the cruise accordingly. Check the route with the tour operator, before you book the cruise.

Most of the luxury cruises in China begin and end at the port of Tianjin; this port is likely to become one of the largest cruise ports in China’s north. This luxury cruise is usually for six nights and passes through Cheju and Pusan in South Korea and Fukuoka in Japan. Being a luxury cruise, all the trips that you take from any of the cruise companies offers excellent services. Some of the facilities that you can enjoy on a luxury cruise include fitness facilities like wellness center, gym, jogging track and spa etc.; entertainment options include movie screenings and live shows among others.

Going on a river cruise at the Yangtze Kiang is one of the most amazing experiences. In fact, most travel buffs list it very high in their list of must-visit destinations. On this cruise you will get to spend some time in Beijing, China’s capital and see the attractions here. You can see some gorgeous gorges along the river besides seeing The Three Gorges Dam. It is one of the largest dams in the world and a very popular tourist destination.

Going on a cruise whether it is in China, Europe, Asia, Africa or any other place is not just about sailing in the sea and enjoying the food and entrainment onboard. The cruise must give you an opportunity to see and visit new places, interact with locals, and shop at local markets and taste authentic flavors of local food. All major cruise operators include a number of onshore and onboard activities so that travelers can enjoy all this and more.

Before you book the China Cruise, be sure to find out what all things are included in the package. If possible compare the options given by other cruise operating companies and then book the one, which gives you the best facilities. Research carefully before you book the cruise, both in terms of price and also entertainment facilities. You are sure to come across something that suits your requirements.

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