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Choosing the Right Cabin for Your Cruise – Exploring Your Options

By Chris Everiss

Choosing a cabin for your cruise can make a real difference to your holiday on the ocean waves. If you’ve not been cruising before and aren’t sure which type of cabin is right for you, read on to find out more.

Introduction to cruise accommodation
While the specifics of cruise accommodation will differ between companies and individual ships, the guide below will give you a general overview of what to expect.

Inside cabin
An inside cabin is the most affordable cruise liner accommodation and is ideal if you’re on a limited budget or if you plan to just make the most of the facilities and entertainment on offer. Many people use their inside cabins much like a hotel room and with so much to keep you busy on board, you’ll have no problems getting off to sleep.

Outside cabin
If you don’t like the idea of being on a cruise and not having a sea view then an outside cabin could be for you. Waking up every day to the sight of the ocean waves can really enhance your cruise holiday and set you up for a relaxing day on board.

Balcony cabin
A balcony cabin is a step up from an outside cabin and lets you sit outside and enjoy the weather and scenery close at hand. There’s nothing quite like starting and ending your day listening to the ocean below you as you relax with a drink on your balcony.

For the ultimate in relaxation and a real home from home, a suite is the perfect choice. Suites are at the top end of cruise liner accommodation but are worth every penny for the extra space and splendor.

If your cruise holiday is a once in a lifetime trip, booking a suite will provide you with the ultimate on board experience and the epitome of luxury.

Cruise cabin facts and figures
A recent poll by a leading cruise company on Facebook surveyed regular cruise passengers to find out what cabin they usually pick when booking a cruise.

The results were as follows;

  • Inside Cabin – 22%
  • Outside Cabin – 19%
  • Balcony Cabin – 56%
  • Suite – 4%

The figures from this survey are in line with recent numbers published by Royal Caribbean International which saw 66% of passengers on their new liner booking either a balcony cabin, deluxe accommodation or a suite.

The choice of cabin you make for your cruise holiday will come down to personal preference or your available budget.

Some people are happy to have an inside cabin and make full use of the cruise ship’s facilities and entertainment but if money’s no object you may want to enjoy an early morning coffee or night cap on your own private balcony.

How to Choose a Cabin for Your Next Cruise


By Clhris Everiss – which is an online travel agency. Followers of the agency have posted over 90,000 cruise reviews and opinions. The agency’s cruise forums have over 300,000 questions and answers about cruising all asked and answered by the community.

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