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Choosing the Right Room on Cruise Ships

By Johnathan H. Bakers

Your first cruise is a trip that you will never forget and it may be a little overwhelming, too, because you do not know what to expect. Going on a cruise gives you and your family time to spend quality time together, without stress, but it is important that you take your time to allow you to enjoy your first cruise travel, rather than trying to do everything.

Your cabin on board the ship is a very important facet of whether you enjoy your trip or not. The quality of the cabin that you choose can make a big difference in how large the room is and whether you have a quiet and relaxing room. For example, some cabins may be directly under highly traveled spaces, like the dining room or atrium, and the noises that you may hear may be quite irritating. If you are only interested in saving money, then a stateroom at or under sea level can be the best choice for you, but you need to realize that for just a little bit more money, then you may find that you get a room that you will enjoy a lot more. This decision needs to be made when booking, so that you will not be disappointed when you get on board.

If you have a steady stomach, then you might want to choose a cabin at the rear part of the ship. These rooms may cost a little more, but they are also more luxurious than the other cabins. These aft or rear cabins normally have a porch or balcony, too, which will allow you to enjoy the view as you are moving across the ocean. You may feel the motion of the ocean a little more in these cabins, which is why you want to make sure that your stomach can take it.

At the bow of the cruise ships, there are also staterooms. These rooms may or may not have a balcony and while sitting on your balcony, you may even feel a bit of the ocean spray as the ship is moving. Seasickness can be a big problem here, since the cabins are located high over the sea, but if you do not have a problem with this, then these cabins may be the right choice for you.

If you prefer more luxurious travel, then the higher level cabins may be what you want. These are not for people who have fragile stomachs, however, because they are high above the sea. They do have many benefits over other cabins, including being closer to the pool, lounge, sundecks, and more. Noise may be a little more noticeable here, but you will not find anywhere that is completely quiet all of the time on a cruise ship.

If you are afraid of being seasick and you have a little more to spend on your room, then a mid-ship stateroom is the best choice for you. These are arranged much like the standard rooms, but they are closer to the elevator, which will cut down on your walking. Some of them even have a porthole or window for you to enjoy the view out of.

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