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Cruise Ship Advice – 8 Super Tips For an Awesome Cruise Ship Experience

By David Erskine

Looking to get some cruise ship advice before you go on your cruise? It’s always very exciting to go on a cruise vacation and you want to prepare as much as possible so that you can get the most out of your trip.

To ensure the best experience ever, these tips can help make your first day of cruising more convenient.


  • Prepare some one dollar bills
    for the baggage handlers at the pier. You can usually tip $1 or $2 per bag and maybe depending on how heavy your bags may be. The baggage handlers at the pier are not really cruise line staff but are members of a separate union.
  • Be sure to fill up the needed travel documentation
    before leaving your home. It’s really hard to scramble for a pen when you’re standing at the line on embarkation day. You’ll be doing the other passengers a big favor if you don’t fill out your forms at the embarkation desk.
  • If you’re taking the plane and staying at a hotel,
    be sure to go through your documents regarding baggage instructions. Cruise lines will no longer deliver your pieces of baggage. You will have to get them from the airport, to your hotel and then to the ship on embarkation day.
  • Review your dining room seating arrangement
    as soon as you get your hands on them. If you see an error you can discuss it with the assigned staff in a lounge.


  • Don’t rush and wait in long lines
    if your on-board account wasn’t processed during check-in period. Your account can be accepted without being processed for the first day or two. You can always have it validated after the lines are gone and after the ship sailed.
  • Don’t get bummed out when you see long lines
    at the buffet. Don’t go rushing in buffets the minute they begin serving. There will always be enough food for everyone.
  • Don’t pay $4 for a tiny bottle of water.
    There are water fountains all over the ship that are safe and drinkable. Just bring your own bottle and you can fill them up. You’ll be saving yourself $30-$50 for the entire trip.
  • Say no if you’re being offered a souvenir glass on
    your dinner table unless you want to buy one. They are really expensive and most people don’t even know that they paid for the souvenir glass because they will only leave it at the table when they’re done.

Remember these cruise tips and you’ll definitely have a satisfying first day at your cruise, but there’s still a single critical mistake that 99% of the cruise passengers make. If you don’t want to be a victim, then you should learn how to outsmart them and save up to 70% on your cruise bill.


By David Erskine – Learn cruise insider secrets at

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