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Cruise Tips To Maximize Your Cruise Vacation

By: Mary Hanna

You are getting ready for your much anticipated cruise vacation. The best way to maximize your cruise travel is to have some of these cruise tips about the little things you should know. Many cruisers have questions about phoning home, seasickness, laundry facilities, and photography while on their cruise vacation. These are not big items that should concern you during your cruise travel but helpful hints nonetheless.

Phoning home always gives one peace of mind when they are on vacation. It is natural to want to check on your children, or check into the office, just remember that ship to shore phone costs can be very hefty. They can cost up to $15 minute, so I if you must, keep it brief. You can use your cell phone but be aware that in some areas roaming charges will apply. Your cell phone will not work in Europe unless you have universal service.

It is very important that you leave the information on how to contact you at home in case of an emergency. When you receive your cruise packet there will be contact information included. Make sure you leave the name of the ship, the cruise line you are traveling with, and the itinerary that you plan to follow. Make it very clear that it is for emergencies only.

There is a way to get around this expense and that is to buy a phone card and call home from your ports of call. The connection will be far greater and your savings too. Be aware that this is where the crew members make their calls home so you may want to venture further from the dock to find a not so busy public phone.

All of the modern ships are wired for the Internet so you can stay in touch with email. This is a much easier and cheaper way to but your mind at ease. On some ships if you are a frequent cruiser the internet time is free. If you are not, connections can run from fifty cents to a dollar a minute. Just keep in mind that they are not high speed hook ups so they will be slow. Compose offline and then send your message. Some ships will offer you package deals to save a little money. Here again, if you can wait until you get to port, internet cafes ashore are relatively inexpensive.

Seasickness is almost a moot point on today’s cruise ships. They are so large that you don’t even know you are moving unless you look out the window or you are up on deck. With today’s technology for weather tracking the cruise lines know in advance if any storms are approaching and therefore can avoid the area. Earlier cruise ships had stabilizers but nothing compared to today’s technology which enables them to counter act any motion the sea has to offer.

If that doesn’t calm your fears about seasickness and cruise travel there are a number of ways to ensure a very comfortable cruise. Take a cruise vacation in an area of the world that has calm waters on a modern ship with the aforementioned stabilizers. It is best to book a cabin in the middle of the ship on one of the lower levels. If just looking at a horizon that is moving sends you into a tizzy, book an inside cabin. A little known cruise tip is to arrange your beds in alignment with the ship, bow to stern. Rocking is always easier to handle than a rolling motion. Once, you’ve got yourself situated on board go up on deck and stare at a fixed position on the horizon to get your body use to the motion.

Your doctor may have some medication you can take, or try the acupuncture bracelets that go around your wrists. If you do feel queasy eat crackers and green apples to settle your stomach. Ginger capsules have been said to work wonders and are available in your health food store. By all means avoid any alcoholic beverages which will only make your symptoms worse.

On board laundry services are very expensive. Book a ship that has an onboard laundry room for passengers so you can do your own. These laundry rooms will be equipped with an iron and an ironing board. An alternative is to pack a small bottle of laundry liquid and a few clothes pins in you luggage, hand wash them in your stateroom and hang them from the shower line provided.

Photography is always a big question. Should you bring a camera or rely on the ships photographer? The answer is to bring your own. If you don’t want to worry about your expensive digital camera, buy a lot of the throw away types. Pick up a few waterproof ones too for when you take you snorkel adventure. Take twice as many as you think you need. If you don’t use them on this cruise vacation you can always use them at the next holiday or birthday celebration.

You could also opt to pick up a cheap digital. You can buy them for about $20.00 and you won’t have to worry about losing it since your expensive one is at home. These are usually smaller than the pricey ones so they are easier to carry around.

On formal nights you will want to get your picture taken by the ships photographer. These pictures are wonderful memories of your cruise but they are expensive. The ships photographer will take pictures of you all through the cruise. Getting on and off the ship, on deck, in the dining room at your table and when you enter the dining room on some nights. Although these pictures are fun, you are not obligated to buy them. If you are on a cruise vacation for a special occasion like a honeymoon or an anniversary, splurge and buy them, they will be more than just memories.

These are just a few cruise tips for the little things you should know about cruise travel. Having this knowledge before your cruise vacation will help you on the way to clear sailing.

Happy Cruising!

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