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By Kim Chi

Cruise vacations are a great way to get away for a long duration of time without breaking your budget. Here is some information about typical questions people ask when pondering the idea of going on a cruise.

Are Cruise Vacations Expensive?
If you compare cruising to a land vacation, being on the boat always is the more cost effective approach. Compare all the costs on land to ensure that your vacation is practical and fun. You will have to add up food costs, entertainment costs, transportation, fitness, social activities and party expenses. All of these costs are wrapped up into one package when going cruising. The more you pay, the more options you will have and will determine the duration of your vacation, accommodations and the destination of travel. Every ship is different in its own right and costs will vary based on the mix of passengers and size. The best way to determine what type of vacation you want to go on is by setting a budget. There are so many types of vacations that you can take so set your initial budget and go from there.

Be careful of travel companies that offer cheap discount cruises.
This typically means that the product and services are bad or that the price has been unrealistically discounted with the middleman. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Make sure to talk with a professional travel agent when booking your vacation for the maximum cost efficiency.

Have you ever been offered a 7-day cruise for a ridiculously good price? Be careful because there always tends to be a catch to severely discounted cruises. Some times you can find these “diamonds” in the rough, but more times then none, there is a steep catch that you might have to pay for later. The best way to know is by reading the fine print while booking. Make sure to check all the additional costs such as, tips, drinks, getting to the ship and dining room experience. Make sure to be prudent when booking cruise vacations.


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