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Curacao Tourism

By Pallavi Sri Kant

Curacao is the major and the mostly populated of Netherlands Antilles series of islands in Southern Caribbean. Nowadays it is experiencing a visitor bang with global tourist arrivals rolling to newer heights. This boost has encouraged development and expansion all through the island.

Curacao together with Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba, and St. Maarten recline in the Netherlands Kingdom and are Netherlands Antilles part. Just 35 miles north of Venezuela Coast, Curacao has been the ‘C’ of Caribbean’s Dutch Islands of the ABC (‘A’ is Aruba plus ‘B’ is Bonaire). Tourists visit here for its wealthy culture, friendly people, extravagant casinos, duty free shopping and certainly the world famed water sports.

If you have been searching for sensational high-rise resorts located on attractive beaches, then go to Aruba. Conversely, Curacao has little middle-bracket resort on beach and down the coastline, but shopping and cultural experiences are much appealing here than the beaches and resorts.

The Dutch altered this small island into tiny Holland with a tropical ecstasy. The island then was twisted into Dutch Gibraltar type, fringed by stalwart forts. Strong walls protected the constricted entrance of harbor and hilltop forts (now converted to modern restaurants).

Until 20th century, still Curacao was a quiet small island when Royal Dutch Shell Company had built the biggest oil refineries of the world at this island. Employees from 50 odd countries came to Curacao, making it a multicultural, cosmopolitan community.

Still, Curacao is the most significant islands of West Indies in architecture. The island shows much of European essence and presence than some other island of world. The landscape is comparatively dry and gets studded with three-branched cacti, spiny-leafed aloe, and odd looking Divi-divi trees having eccentric windblown foliage. There is a modicum of traditional Dutch windmills all through Willemstad and in certain countryside parts.

Curacao Tourism


By Pallavi Sri Kant – Curacao is one of the most adventurous place to visit during vacation. So, people keep looking for cheap tickets to that place. You can read more about vacation and vacation planning in my other articles.

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