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Do’s & Don’ts of Airport Travel

By Ashu Kaushik

With holidays fast approaching and crowded airports, if we keep few things in mind, the holiday travel is smoother and easy on the airport officials.

What an easy way to spread the holiday cheer!!

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to ease your way through this stressful time.

Things to remember

  • DO call the airline customer service before leaving for the airport and check flight’s schedule. Sometimes the flights get delayed or cancelled. Calling beforehand can save lot of unexpected trouble. Airline numbers can easily be found on the website.
  • DO reach the airport at least 1-2 hours before flight is scheduled to leave.
  • DO carry all your travel related documents and make sure that you have properly placed them in your baggage before stepping out of your home. These documents comprise of air tickets, boarding passes, valid Photo ID issued by government and passport. Any absence of valid identification will definitely result in some additionally screening.
  • Don’t commit a mistake by carrying prohibited items. You can check the airline website to know the details of prohibited items.
  • Don’t bring any kind of wrapped gifts in checked or carry-on baggage.
  • Don’t place valuables, cash or medications in your checked baggage. All these items should be kept in carry-on baggage.

At The Airport

  • Don’t ever leave your vehicle abandoned in front of the terminal. In case you require leaving your vehicle, then park it in shot-term parking. Any unattended vehicle is subject to being towed and ticketed. Better save yourself from later headaches!
  • Don’t bring drink or food through the security check point. Drinks and Food bought after the checkpoint has been screened and therefore it can be carried onto the airplane.
  • You should remove all of your metallic items and put them in your carry-on baggage before reaching the security checkpoint. These items may comprise of jewelry, cell phones, loose changes, belt buckles, pagers, keys etc.
  • Do check that you possess boarding pass and valid identification before reaching the security checkpoint. Security people will definitely ask for them while reaching the security checkpoint.
  • Don’t place any undeveloped films in your checked baggage. This is because sometimes security equipment that is used for screening checked luggage at the airport may damage the undeveloped films. You can put your film in your carry-on baggage or request a hand inspection. The X-ray machines that are used for screening carry-on luggage at the passenger security checkpoint do not harm films.

Following all these airplane travel tips will ensure a pleasant and quick trip through any airport. Have a great trip!


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