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Easy Parking Solutions at the San Diego Airport

By Ryan Frank

The San Diego International Airport (SAN), also known as Lindbergh Field is the smallest major international airport in the United States. It takes up only 661 acres of land and it is a single-runway airport. In fact is it the busiest single-runway in the country and the second busiest single-runway in the world after the London Gatwick Airport. In 2007, the San Diego airport moved 18.3 million passengers.

Because of its size, parking facilities at the San Diego Airport are not nearly as massive as the ones at LAX or the San Francisco International. They consist of three, ground-level parking lots, one outside of each of the airport terminals, and three remote parking lots a few minutes away from the main terminals.

Terminal parking is very convenient. People can park for a few minutes or for up to 30 days and no reservations are ever really needed to park at the San Diego International. Drivers can pull into the terminal lots and pay at either the automated Express Parking pay stations or at the fully-staffed pay booths located at the exits of each of the terminal parking lots. Both payment options accept either cash or credit cards.

The rates for terminal parking at the San Diego Airport are posted clearly outside each terminal. The daily rates especially, are pretty steep, with the first 24-hour period costing $21 and each 24-hour period after that costing $26. For this reason, it is usually a good idea to use terminal parking for short term parking only, as they are very convenient. The first 20 minutes cost $1, the first hour costs $3, 2-3 hours cost $7.50, and 4-5 hours cost $12.

If you might end up being there for more than five hours, the off-site parking lots are a much better option. The San Diego International Airport runs three, remote long-term parking lots, all of which have free shuttle services that take passengers to and from the airport terminals. The tree lots are Park Harbor Drive with 800 spaces, SAN Park NTC, with 1,300 spaces, and SAN Park Pacific Highway, with 2,200 spaces. The Park Pacific Highway lot costs $10 per day, and the other two cost $16 per day.


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