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Enjoy Vacations in Puerto Vallarta Resort City

By Tim Longpre

The city of Puerto Vallarta is very much popular with the residents of Canada and United States especially those who belong to the West Coast of USA. The main reason is that there exists convenient link between the cities of Puerto Vallarta and Seattle, San Francisco & Los Angeles due to a number of air flights. Air routes between the cities of San Francisco & Puerto Vallarta and Los Angeles & Puerto Vallarta are the heavily traveled and the busiest of all air flights into the city.  

Puerto Vallarta is not only popular among the USA and Canadian residents, but it is also popular and famous among the domestic tourists as well. Guadalajara’s residents usually visit Puerto Vallarta on weekends. Many local tourists also come to this attractive resort city during Christmas and Semana Santa to spend their holidays. Some of Mexico City’s business of resort vacation has been absorbed by Puerto Vallarta. 

Retirees of Canada and USA prefer this resort city as is their first choice destination after retirement. This positive trend and increasing number of tourists boomed the development of condominium in Puerto Vallarta. This resort city of Mexico is also called as the “World’s most friendly and affable city” which is very much true. Puerto Vallarta over the years has become the most popular and preferred destination for gay vacation. There are numerous hotels, specialty shops and clubs in the area of Olas Altas that cater gay clientele. Construction of rental apartments and hotels has increased rapidly as the volumes of tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta are increasing more and more. This growth of tourists in Puerto Vallarta has also reached the city of Nuevo Vallarta, which is in the state of Nayarit. Nayarit is the neighboring state of Jalisco.

Local festival starts from the May’s last week and continues up to the 1st week of June that commemorates the municipality’s anniversary. Sports events, artistic expositions, parade and outdoor music concerts are the main attractive events of this local festival in Puerto Vallarta. The other major local festival starts from 1st December up to 12th December called the “virgin of Guadalupe”. Tourists really enjoy and gain lovely experience spending their holidays in condo rentals. All the necessary ingredients are provided by the condo rentals that make the tourists stay in Puerto Vallarta an unforgettable pleasant experience. All the essential facilities are available at the condo rentals that make the holiday stay at Puerto Vallarta more comfortable. Facilities provided by the condos are very convenient. Condominiums are ideal for tourists to make their vacations really pleasing. Tourists really enjoy their stay in Puerto Vallarta condos and make it memorable.

It is necessary that the tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta should have some knowledge about the condo rentals located in Puerto Vallarta city. The visitors must be aware of the location of condo rentals. In the city of Puerto Vallarta, the condominiums are usually located near the Banderas Bay or in Mariana. Ocean front can be seen from the condo rentals in Banderas Bay and this view is really breath taking and spectacular. This is a great attraction for the Vacationers. On the beach, tourists really get the opportunity to enjoy their privacy and from their condominiums they feel relaxed to see the beautiful and stunning ocean view.

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