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Family Cruise Deals – The Perfect Gateway

By John Mcgough

The cruising companies have been getting more and more aggressive these days in attracting customers, a fact that is sure to make you titillate yourself. In order to withstand the competition, they are either slashing rates, or increasing the facilities available on board or both. The quality of entertainment is high on board.

The resort style holidays are taken to the high seas by the shipping companies. There are so many crushing companies that the rates are automatically reducing, a fact that is proving good for us customers. The luxurious cruise liners are bearing the brunt of the recession and hence have to attract more people. The best way is to slash prices. You can now be able to avail budget deals on luxury cruise liners, a possibility that was impossible a few years ago.

There are good deals out there; you just need to look at them carefully. Go shop around, look at various deals. You need to be patient and understanding you want to avail the best deal. Please do not be satisfied going to a shipping company, go to at least 4-5 different ones before deciding. Home work would be necessary from your side if you are dreaming of getting that best deal.

First and foremost you need to make a budget and then make up a realistic idea of what you want to be on the cruise. Do not hesitate in bargaining as the cruise company needs to fill up their positions and hence may give you a good price. Great bargains can be found in today;’ age of competition and recession.

When you are seeking a travel agent, look for one that has specialized in cruise as he is most likely to give you the best offer. The cruise market is understood very well by the respectable agents. The larger the company the more buying power it may have. Joining the websites of these companies will enable you to receive updates on the latest travel deals and discounts. I would strongly suggest that you open a separate mail account especially for this purpose and check it every alternate day. It will be sad if you lost a great deal as you did not check your email.

One of the best ways for you to get a great discount is to either book late or book early. If you book early you may get good tickets deals. Moreover many other perks such as up gradation of dorms, ship credit on the board as well as selection of cabins. If you have set your sights on a particular cruise and especially if it’s in the peak season we would advice you to book as early as six months. Even if you desire a balcony in your cabin, you would need to book early. Taking advantage of cruises like the early bird cruises can make you a happy man and your pocket even happier.

Booking late is also advantageous. If you show a certain degree of flexibility so long as the date and time is concerned, you can avail great facilities at discount prices even as late as two-three weeks before departure.

Tips for Getting a Great Family Cruise Deal


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