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Fly Coach in Comfort – And Find the Best Economy Class Flight to Travel

By Amanda Nauru Ryan

For many people, traveling both for pleasure as well as business has become the norm. But with struggling airlines slashing services and charging for amenities like food, checked luggage and exit-row seating, it seems that we all will have to suffer the miserable indignities of flying coach for the sake of cheap tickets.

Or do we?

You see, flying coach doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You just need to know how to pick your airline, choose your seats, and bring the necessary amenities that will make a world of difference on your flight. So let’s count the ways to allow you fly coach in comfort.

Pick the Best Economy Class Flights to Travel
Whatever your strategy for a comfortable ride on a coach flight is, the first and most important decision you make is the airline you pick. So continue reading and find out the top picks for economy class seats.

As a rule of thumb, Pacific-based airlines offer better service and amenities than Atlantic-based airlines. Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific are two standouts, consistently ranked in various third-party surveys among the best for economy class services. Their 747s feature personal in-flight entertainment; both have 32-inch seat pitch (that’s leg room-and the standard is 31 inches) and 17.5-inch seat width, providing more than adequate comfort for their coach passengers. Qatar Airways and Emirates are also gaining grounds in terms of service-and Qatar, being a relatively new comer, often offers low-priced tickets as part of its promotional campaign.

As for Atlantic-based airlines, JetBlue offers a whopping 34 inches of pitch-providing extra leg room. And there’s DirectTV on every leather seatback. Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge for pillows, blankets and in-flight snack, which is a plus point these days. Lastly, Virgin Atlantic provides coach passengers with personal entertainment and comfort kits (earplugs, slippers, and eye masks).

Pick Your Seats Carefully and Check In Early
The legroom in the bulkhead or exit-row can be as spacious as the business class on some airlines. However, more and more airlines are charging a premium for those rows, from $5 to $75 depending on the airline. So you may have to make a judgment call. Exit-rows are almost always worth the extra cash; but front rows have its drawback of being a bit too close to the lavatory for comfort.

It’s usually possible to select seats online, but even if you can’t, you have another shot to snag a decent spot if you check in early. If it is possible, make sure you check in online; checking in online at least 24 hours before boarding will ensure you to pick the best seats. Early check-in even works for “open seating” (no assigned seats), where passengers board in large groups; the coveted group A, the first to board, gets to pick the seats first. will get you an “A” boarding pass on Southwest Airlines for $5.

Pack Your Own Entertainment
Time flies when you’re busy. Personal entertainment does wonder for the most part, but don’t rely too much on Sky-mall and the in-flight movies to keep you entertained. Your choice of possible diversions is endless: iPod, magazines, Sudoku, or some giant novel to read. Some airlines charge $55 for a premium seat; for the same price, you can get a mini iPod and hundreds of songs in your pocket.

Oh and remember to bring your own headphones. Avoid paying the airline $5 for some crummy headphones; bring your own from home for free.

Wear Noise Canceling Headphones
These wonders of technology can make worlds of difference in your flight experience. They muffle the ambient noise from the plane and sounds from around you, giving you peace and quite while you read your novels, play your games, or do your Sudoku. They also make it easier for you to listen to the movie on the personal entertainment system or your iPod.

Our first pick, top-of-the-line Bose Quite Comfort headphones sell for a little more than $300. Believe me people, this is good investment! But cheaper brands do the job nearly as well for around $50 to $100.

As an alternative, you can still rely on good old-fashioned earplugs, costing about $2. Pick the really soft foam ones.

Get Some Sleep
Here are some tips on “how to sleep on air flight.” Physical comfort will improve your ability to doze off on your flight. These days, however, you can’t really count on the airline providing enough pillows and blankets to go around. So pack the following in your carry-on:

Pashmina shawl take up less room than a blanket and pack easily into a small handbag. If you don’t feel like you need to use it to keep you warm, you can roll it up and put it behind your back, which helps significantly to increase your comfort level, especially in coach where there might not be as much padding.

Horseshoe-shaped pillow keeps your head from falling forward or sideways. A comfortable horse-shoe shaped pillow is a must for all travelers. The inflatable ones are easier to carry, while a foam or feather-filled version gives you tremendous comfort.

Eye mask is a key to a good sleep. The good ones-big and fluffy-cost only about $10, and it’s totally worth it. You might look like a freak on the plane, but you’ll be very comfortable and get the much needed rest.

Noise canceling headphones will also do wonders for your sleep. This is the second time I mention this particular gadget but I can’t stress enough how it would significantly help you fly coach in comfort.


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