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Four Top Alaskan Cruise Departure Points – Experience the Rewarding Enjoyment

By Alicia McWilliams

The start of an Alaskan cruise vacation is always going to take place at a beginning port of call. There are four of these places that are used as Alaskan cruise departure points. These are Seattle, Vancouver, Anchorage and Seward. They are all places that are used as departure points for their ease of access for many people.

is one of the most popular of these places where cruises start at. The proximity of Seattle to the American-Canadian border and its area near the Pacific Ocean helps to make this a great place to get a cruise started in. Getting to Seattle is very easy to do in that many airports will have nonstop services to and from Seattle. With this in mind many different groups will offer routes that start and end in Seattle.

has all sorts of places for departures on Alaskan cruise vacations. Like Seattle this is near the border and offers easy access to the Pacific Ocean through a bay that moves across Vancouver Island. It is also very easy to get to from Seattle in that it can take about three or four hours on average to drive from Seattle to Vancouver. Cruise liners will depart from Vancouver from either Canada Place or Ballantyne Pier.

the largest city in Alaska, can be used as a departure point. Anchorage is located right off of an inlet that is apart from the Alaska Bay near the Pacific Ocean. As a result it is easy to be able to get cruise ships in and out of the city. This is an area that is generally used as the best departure point for cruises that are going to be heading along the western and Aleutian Island parts of the state.

is the fourth of these places to start an Alaskan cruise vacation. Seward is located in the southern central part of Alaska and is right along Resurrection Bay. Seward is a great place for a cruise that goes around different glaciers to start. Among the most common of the places where one of these cruises will get into are College Fjord and Glacier Bay. Getting to this area is easy in that it takes a few hours to get from Anchorage to Seward, which is south of the city and can be reach by airplane from Anchorage.

The top Alaskan cruise departure points are all great places that are used as a point for starting and ending a cruise. These are all areas that are right near large bodies of water and are in well populated areas that can be very easy to reach. They can make an Alaskan cruise vacation even more memorable.


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