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Fun Pass for Carnival Cruises

By:  Nicky Pilkington

How well do you prepare yourself for a vacation is also an important matter. Unprepared ness can cost a lost. Certain things have to be note while on a Carnival cruise. Booking procedures, onboard rules should be known well in order to have a carefree vacation…

FROM 9/11onwards, the Department of Homeland Security requires detailed information be provided by all guests boarding cruises. Carnival’s way of collecting this information is the “fun pass”. Information such as name, address, phone number, citizenship information, and travel itinerary is requested and is required prior to boarding. The best way to ensure a hassle free travel is to do these things in advance.

People are always confused as to what they should be carrying while on a cruise. The answer is simple – carry and travel light… You will need good walking shoes as well as a pair of shoes that have rubber soles to walk around on deck. Wearing casuals is the best attire when onboard. There are usually a couple of dinners which require special attire, but attendance is not compulsory.

Self-service launderettes and ironing boards are available for guest use for a small fee; therefore, you will be able to wash your clothes while traveling.

Basic hygiene necessities are provided – like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, razors, body wash, and Tylenol. These are a tentative list and not guaranteed. So it would be better if you can carry them.

Tipping is one area of confusion. The guests should note that usually it is included in the billing. Additional tipping is at the guest’s discretion. There are two options, one which a suggested gratuity is added to your bill on embarkation day, which can be altered up or down later, or a pre-paid gratuity may be added at $10.00 per day per person over the age of two.

Finally, it is our duty to make your travel the most memorable and a comfortable one. Any kind of inconvenience should be brought to our notice. This would help us to serve you better.

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