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Gay Travel Guide – Reasons to Visit Mexico

By Ricardo D Argence

Mexico is a welcoming environment for gay travelers. In fact, it is one of the most welcoming places you will find with amazing beaches, hot night life and many historic attractions. It is a well rounded place to visit if you want a vacation with everything. Mexico’s biggest cities are some of the most friendly places in the world for gay travelers and you can not go wrong by visiting here on your next vacation. There are many areas in Mexico that have large gay communities. Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta are some of the best places to visit to experience the best that Mexico has to offer. One of the reasons why these cities are such inviting places is due to the anti-discrimination laws that are very respected. Besides that, these cities are places where there is always something going on.

  • Mexico City As the oldest city is North America, Mexico City offers history and culture It is the center of Mexico where politics and business are important. This city offers amazing historical sites like the ruins of Tenochtitlan and Tula. There are also many museums highlighting the heritage of the country.
  • Guadalajara The second largest city in the country, Guadalajara is know for tequila and mariachi music so you know it is a great spot to have some fun. The nightlife is awesome and the food is scrumptious. There also is great shopping near by, so you are never bored in this city.
  • Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta is a very harmonious area of Mexico. It is home to some of the best gay bars in the country. A few to check out are El Morbo, Paco Paco and Los Amigos. This city also has the well known Blue Chair Beach, which is a gay beach on the main shoreline just south of Playa los Muertos. Beaches and clubs are not all you will find in Puerto Vallarta, though. There is also the beautiful Isle of Yelapa where you will find hiking trails, a waterfall and a lagoon.
  • Cancun Probably the most popular tourist attraction in Mexico is Cancun. Cancun is a well known party spot for Spring Breakers and that is due to the amazing beaches. The beaches of Cancun are endless. Cancun lies on the Yucatan Peninsula where weather is amazing and the water is warm and welcoming. You can explore the stunning reefs and a large array of marine life while in the area. Cancun also has a lively nightlife with plenty of discos that are open all night.

As you can see, Mexico is a great get away for the gay traveler. Not everything has been covered here, but you can be sure you will find great food, beautiful beaches and plenty of things to do and see when you visit Mexico. There is something for everyone, from the active night life to the stunning waters to the awe inspiring historical sites. No matter what your idea of a great vacation is, you can travel to Mexico and find exactly what you want. All of this is only made better by the environment in Mexico that welcomes gay travelers. The greatest sandy, sunny gay beaches in Cancun… and thousands of gay people just for you. What else you can ask? Latin Hot Party is the very first great gay event in Cancun dedicated to all GLBT in the world, it is framed by one of the most beautiful beaches and embellished with the authentic Latin flavor.

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By Ricardo D Argence

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