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Gay Travel Guide – Xcaret

By Ricardo D Argence

The Cancun area is a popular spot for gay and Lesbian travelers. It may be the beautiful beaches full of hot bodies and friendly people or the rainbow-friendly nightspots that attract them, but of all of the gay travel destinations around the world, Cancun is one of the most popular.

Anybody traveling to Cancun would be remiss in missing out on Xcaret, pronounced Eesh Kar Et. This is a type of amusement park, but likely unlike any amusement park that you have been to in your life.

There are no steel dragons or chains, no forty story drops or thrill rides; just nature oriented adventures that attract people of all ages.

So, what can you do at Xcaret? A better question would be what you can’t do at Xcaret. This is a great place to just hang out on the beach, but one can do that anywhere.

Many travelers want to actively participate in their Xcaret adventure, scuba diving, or helmet diving, swimming around with friendly dolphins, or even snorkeling. Xcaret is known for its infamous underground rivers, giving people the opportunity to snorkel in a new and different way.

For those who are the kind that like to sightsee, Xcaret is known for its coral reef aquarium and zoo exhibits. This is great for those who like to connect with and learn about nature.

Jaguars, monkey, sea turtles, manatees, flamingos…these are just a few of the many different things that can be seen at Xcaret.

Become a “Real Mexican” for Just a Moment
For those who want to immerse themselves in Mexican culture, there are even exhibits regarding roping and riding by Mexican cowboys (and cowgirls, of course). Also interesting are the replicas of traditional Mexican tombs, Mayan villages and a wine cellar with Mexican vintage wines.

For those who love the Mexican food in Cancun, they won’t be disappointed with what Xcaret has to offer with its 11 dining rooms. Authentic Mexican fare can be found at each of these 11 restaurants, some of them famous for their more interesting and less traditional fare, such as fried crickets.

Admission to Xcaret is not cheap, but it is great for a day of adventure. Basic admission for adults is about $69 and basic admission for kids is about $35 for children. Being that Xcaret is only a forty mile jog down the coast from Cancun, it is a great place for gay and Lesbian people and families to hang out and spend the day, and one is likely to run into many members of their rainbow family while spending the day in Xcaret.

Xcaret – Mexico


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