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Getting Un-hitched In Las Vegas

By Gabriel Houston

Getting a divorce in Nevada is a lot more work than getting married. Like most states, Nevada has some residency and other standards you have to meet before a divorce will be granted.

While getting married takes little more than a few minutes and a few dollars, getting a divorce takes a bit more.

It’s hard to say how many of the annual quickie Las Vegas marriages end in divorce, since many people who get married in Las Vegas come from other states. If divorce is the end result of the marriage, it would be hard to track since it would fall to the bride and groom’s state to quantify, and is their statistical burden. But, it is known that Nevada has a slightly higher divorce rate than the national average, at 14 percent, according to the 2000 Census. The national divorce rate, on the other hand, is about 10 percent.

So how do you go about getting a divorce in Nevada? There are three criterions for a divorce being granted in Nevada. You need only meet one of them. They are:

– That the husband and wife have been living separate for a year or more
– That the husband or wife has suffered from insanity for at least 2 years
– That there are irreconcilable differences

In Nevada, it’s not necessary to prove or make allegations of adultery, abuse, mental cruelty, etc., in order to be granted a divorce.

If you want to acquire a Nevada state dissolution of your marriage, the state requires you be a resident for at least 6 weeks prior to filing for divorce.

In Nevada, the court will divide common property equally, but in rare instances might divide the community property unequally, though this is quite unusual. If the husband and wife provide a written agreement about how they want to divide the property, the court will adhere to those requests.

The court will also decide, when handing a Nevada dissolution of marriage case, whether or not there will be any support granted for either the husband or wife, and whether or not child support will be granted.

If you were married in Nevada and want an annulment, you can get an annulment of your marriage regardless of where you live. To get an annulment, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Either the bride or groom was intoxicated enough at the wedding that they wouldn’t have been legitimately able to give their consent to getting married.
  • After the marriage you find out that your spouse was insane and you were not aware of this prior to getting married.
  • Both the bride and groom want to void the marriage and they have not lived together since the marriage.
  • The bride and groom are blood relatives.
  • Either the bride or groom was under the age of 18 at the time of the marriage and did not obtain parental consent to be married.
  • The bride or groom was married to someone else (and not legally divorced) at the time of the marriage.

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