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Hawaii Big Island Day Tour

By Christian Wilson

The Big Island offers even more surprises such as the massive caldera at the Volcanoes National Park. When you visit the park you may think you are on a remote planet since the landscape appears completely barren from volcanic activity. But just when you think there is nothing much to see you suddenly discover rich pockets of lush landscape that have flourished after volcanic eruptions. Don’t miss the Thurston lava tubes which are now caves that you can safely explore. Please pay attention to signs regarding volcanic eruptions and lava flows. A sweater, comfortable walking shoes and carrying bottled water are recommended.

Nothing tops the experience of dining at Volcano House and peering down into the huge caldera that has erupted many times in the past. Prepare to spend some time exploring the informative volcano museum which is right next door.

There are many scenic vistas such as waterfalls, rainforests, orchid farms, steam bluffs, noni plantations that cover the island. You can also visit a Macadamia Nut factory and Big Island Chocolate Factory if you wish but you will have to put your diet on hold for awhile.

Every year, the biggest hula competition in the world takes place in the city of Hilo. Thousands of people gather to watch the best Hawaiian hula groups compete for top honors. Tickets are usually sold out in one day months ahead of the event and all the hotel rooms are sold out a year in advance during the week of the competition in last week of March or the first week of April.

You will never regret a Big Island day trip, there is so much to see and do for everyone: couples, singles, children and retirees. A tour of the National Volcano Park tops all the other attractions in terms of awesomeness.

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