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Hawaii – Haleakala National Park

By Joshua Mcallister

If you want your Hawaii experience to go beyond a sun and sand holiday, you must include the Halekala National Park in your vacation itinerary.

Situated in the Maui Island this 30,183 acre park’s most prominent feature is the Haleakala crater. The size of the crater is awe inspiring as it is 6.99 miles (11.25 km) across, 2.0 mi (3.2 km) wide and 2,600 ft. deep! You can hike into the crater through the Halemau’u or Sliding Sands trail. If you want to stay in the crater, you will have to book a cabin in advance.

Visitors also like to climb up to the summit of the volcano for the spectacular view of the park’s vividly colored landscape. The sunrise and sunset views from the summit are also said to be complete visual treats. The hiking trail that leads up to summit is dotted with various Hawaiian plants and its natural beauty makes the journey up to the summit quite pleasant.

Another great place to explore in the park is the Hosmer’s Grove. What’s special about it is the fact that it’s a forest of alien trees like the Sugi tree from Japan, Deodar from Himalayas and the Eucalyptus from Australia.

One place that you should absolutely not miss when you visit the park is the Kipahulu area. The area includes the park’s coastal section and the restricted upper slope reserve. Hiking is the most popular activity in here. You can also go swimming in the pristine waters of the lower pools along the coast. However, since flash floods in the area are common, you must take all necessary safety precautions and pay heed to what the Rangers say.

Kipahulu also has a gorgeous drive up campground that overlooks the ocean cliffs. The only other drive up campground in the Park is Hosemers Grove campground, situated on the Cloud Belt of The Haleakala Volcano. Though you may have to face extreme weather conditions in the Hosmer’s Grove campground, with night time temperatures often dropping below freezing point, it does offer the advantage of being better equipped than the Kipahulu campground. If you are game for hiking, then you can choose between the Paliku and Holua campsites in the wilderness area.

So, this time when you visit Hawaii, go beyond the conventional. You will come back far more satisfied. After all a good hike, lovely views, and some good old camping are the perfect ingredients for a brilliant vacation.

Haleakala Volcano National Park on Maui


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