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Hotels in England – the Splendid Place to Stay

By Nancy Eben

England, the part of United Kingdom, is the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy. It consist of two third of island of Great Britain and the offshore island, known as the Isle of Wight. Much of England also consists of rolling hills and largest natural harbors. Land of many rivers enjoy temperate climate and plenty rainfall. England’s economy is second largest in Europe and fifth largest in the world. It is considered to be one of the world’s most highly industrialized countries and a leader in pharmaceutical and chemical sector; even in arms industry, software industry and aerospace. The pool of so many features is also becoming the center of attraction for tourists.

Hotels in England have made provision for the accommodation of increasing tourists in the country. They comprise wide network of hotels including luxury hotels, cheap hotels, discount England hotels etc… Their warm hospitality combined with immediate attentive services is really outstanding. The main feature of some of these hotels is that these are located around main tourists’ attraction of the country.

London, one of the largest and busiest cities in the world, is the world’s leading business, financial and cultural center of the world. This marvelous city known for its standard of living and reputation in the fashion world has made it a favorite tourists spot. London England hotels are well renowned for their facilities and amenities. The homely comfort availed to tourists in luxury hotels is excellent.

Some of the main cities that provide space to hotels in England are:

  • London
    its name and fame in the world of fashion does not require any evidence. Notting Hill, Camden, and Brick lane are all well known for its bustling street market. No one will feel short of excitement with live music venues in the city. The most visited Modern art gallery in the world, London eye, is the topmost tourists’ destination in the country.
  • Liverpool
    it is not only one of the Europe’s most popular city break destination but also a great sporting center. It is famous for horse racing and golf courses. This great port has left a remarkable legacy of art and architecture.
  • New Castle
    it is rich in architecture, culture and history with great reputation for shopping, style and nightlife. The visitors can enjoy wonderful food, cafes, and bars with lively night music.
  • Manchester
    it is the coolest city in Britain it has presented a good industrial image and reinvented as a metropolis with modern landmark buildings, world class hospitality, bars and art and culture.

Main Cities in the UK


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