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How to Choose Accommodation in Virgin Islands

By Gardner Wilkinson

So, you want to take a trip to USVI (US Virgin Islands)? Rest assured that this is one of the most beautiful places for a short and wonderful visit.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best accommodation in Virgin Islands.

First, select your island.
This might seem obvious, but guests often make the mistake of selecting the wrong island. There are three islands here:

  • St Thomas is the most populated. Life is fast here and bustling with the trappings of modernity.
  • St Croix is the biggest island. It’s not too busy. The crowd has a nice mix of business persons.
  • St John is the coziest of the three islands. Small and quite private, without too many visitors.

Choosing an accommodation in Virgin Islands is not difficult because tourists are offered enough and more choices. You can find every kind of accommodation that you could possibly want, whether it’s a hotel room, a single room accommodation or a villa or an entire group of villas.

While choosing your accommodation
in Virgin Islands, it is extremely important to check out the facilities offered. Generally, because of the sheer number of rentals, facilities vary widely. You may expect facilities that are in keeping with the accommodation you choose. All high first class hotels offer swimming pools. But these are costly. If you want to save some money, you can settle for something smaller, like a villa, cottage or condo. It’s a different experience and a totally unique one. Private apartments are another great option. These are totally no-frills options and many of them open into the beach. You need not expect the plush luxury of a resort or an expensive hotel, but it’s economically viable. You just cannot get a hotel room at that price. For people who love some peace and privacy, private rentals are great.

Some villas also offer package deals. This might seem like an advantage, but you must read the fine print and see to it that you are getting the facilities you want. You don’t want to spend your money on something that ultimately gives you no joy.

Don’t be taken in by fancy words
because there is no rigid classification of vacation rentals on the island. So, ‘Deluxe’ and ‘First class’ might look great on paper, but when you arrive at the resort, you may be disappointed. For this and other reasons, it is better to lean on detailed descriptions provided by the resort on their website. Many of them even provide attractive pictures of the accommodation they are offering. Check these out. Lastly, even when you’re happy with everything, keep in mind that life moves slowly on the islands. A person who is used to city living has to adjust to this slow pace.

Most hotels, resorts, cottages and private accommodation facilities slash their prices during the off season. By the same measure, they charge you more during the peak season. Also, there is the risk of reservations being lapped up if you do not book on time.

Keep these tips in mind if you want to enjoy your vacation in VI.


By Gardner WilkinsonVirgin Islands accommodations – Into the Mystic is a gorgeous villa, available for rent, overlooking the beautiful St. John’s Coral Bay and US Virgin Islands.

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