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How to Choose an Enjoyable Cruise for Your Family

By Madalynn K Wayman

Cruises are a great vacation option for families because there is something for everyone to enjoy. However, you should still take measures to make sure you choose a cruise where everyone in your party can have a great time.

Before booking a cruise, take into account special considerations to be made for any members of your family. This will help you to decide what factors are important to you in choosing a cruise. Some examples of things to consider would be if you have anyone who needs special provisions, such as seniors, small children and anyone who is disabled or has trouble getting around. Also consider the ages of everyone in your group and which activities they may and may not enjoy.

Each cruise company is a little different from the others. Consider whether you would like a more intimate setting where travelers get to know one another or a casual setting where guests can do as they please. Some cruises specialize in formal, smaller settings where meal time is set and seats are assigned. This can be fun for adults who are looking for an organized social experience. Some companies, such as Disney, offer themed cruises that cater to children. Take time to think about what type of setting you picture your family enjoying the most.

It is important to consider both the cruise itself and the destination. Many travelers do not think about the time on the boat when thinking of whether or not everyone in their family will enjoy the trip. Everyone may enjoy the destination, but consider how much time will be spent on the ship. With other forms of travel, such as plane travel, most do not consider how anyone will like the transportation, only the destination itself. However, consider that you will be on the ship for the majority of the time, and the cruise itself is a vacation. If you have young children who will become bored on a formal cruise, it is very important to consider this even if the final destination will be fun for them.

Having said this, it is equally important to consider the destination of the cruise. A lot of the time, travelers are distracted by the amenities on the cruise ship itself and may not think of the importance of the destination to member of the family. If you choose a place that the family does not enjoy, the trip will not be much fun. Along with the destination, consider how the time of year will affect everyone in your party. A cruise to a tropical destination in the heat of the summer could be miserable, as it may be too hot to enjoy some of the boat’s amenities. Alaskan cruise in the winter will be a completely different experience. Children may be hoping to participate in certain cruise ship activities, such as swimming in the pool on deck, and may become bored when they cannot do so

It is also important to think about the length of time on the ship as well. Remember you’re your party will be staying in close quarters. Think about whether or not this will work for your family for an extended period of time. Make sure there are enough activities on the boat for everyone to enjoy for the length of the trip.

How To Choose a Cruise


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