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Keeping Fit at Sea

By Ian Gilder

Contrary to one of the top misconceptions about cruise holidays, it is not any more likely to put on lots of weight as any other holiday. Yes, there is delicious cuisine available, almost 24 hours a day, but cruise lines have also completely mastered the concept of ‘healthy living’ and offer equally mouthwatering food options which are kinder to the waistline. Main restaurants will always have a lighter/lower calorie alternative, and there are often spa food venues which have the best healthy options you can imagine. In fact, it’s easy to eat healthily onboard, like having a personal chef at home creating fabulous menus for you that taste great but won’t add pounds!

Cruise ships also offer a myriad of options to keep fit, improve your fitness levels and be as active as you would like onboard. Cruisers should most definitely pack some gym clothes and plan some time in to make use of the impressive fitness centers many of the newer and larger ships offer. Most ships have some form of gym, but if exercise is important then discuss the best cruise line and vessel as there are some facilities at sea which will rival even the most well-equipped studio at home. You will find highly qualified personal trainers who can help you, and will also train individually and write you a program for a reasonable additional charge, so if you need motivating or are not familiar with using gym equipment this is a good choice. They are generally much cheaper than personal trainers in the UK (who charge up to £50 per hour, and sometimes more!) so if you’re new to exercise or need a kick start, they can make your cruise a great starting point, whilst having loads of fun!

Daily activities available free of charge onboard will always include a selection of exercise classes such as spinning, aerobics and yoga (some specialized classes may charge a very small fee). Plus there will be a range of lectures and discussions about keeping fit and healthy, and a number of ‘tests’ such as cholesterol level are sometimes on offer. A cruise holiday can be a great way to learn lots about a new topic with no additional fees so take advantage of the experienced staff onboard.

Keeping fit onboard your cruise ship doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym every day, or even at all if you are someone who can’t think of a worse way to spend an hour! As ships become bigger and more creative in their innovations, the list of facilities available to keep active is incredible. You could spend time racing around on rollerblades, rock climbing, ice skating, surfing or shooting hoops on the Sports Court to name just a few! In fact, you could do something different everyday and still not have run out of exercise options! How about running one day, either on the fitness center’s treadmills (generally with a sea view!) or on an outdoor running track and day two booking a workout in the strength-training area of the gym, use a personal trainer to maximize your time. The next couple of days could be enjoying alternative facilities like ice-skating on the ship’s indoor rink or rock climbing, roller blading and joining a game of basketball. On port days, check out the active shore excursions like kayaking, hikes and snorkeling – they all count!

Make use of the fitness facilities and activities available on your cruise holiday and try new ways of keeping in shape. Then, if you do turn to the dessert menu or indulge in some of your favorite foods you won’t need to feel guilty and can enjoy every mouthful!

Royal Princess – State of the Art Fitness and Sports Facilities


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