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Know the Carry on Luggage Rules and Have an Easier Flight

By Pat Lowe

In today’s security conscious society, there are many new policies that make taking a flight more tricky than ever. What with limits on luggage size and weight, new security precautions and regulations on what’s permissible to carry onto the plane, it can seem overwhelming. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these requirements are there for your protection.

Be Aware of the Rules
It’s not a simple matter to know what the rules are. Sometimes you feel as if they’re different each time you fly, which adds to the difficulty of planning your trip. Nevertheless, arriving at the airport unaware of the requirements is simply not acceptable. Without a doubt, the way to avoid luggage hassles at the airport is to make certain that you are knowledgeable about the rules ahead of time.

Check online before you pack. Airline websites are the best source of information on the current restrictions regarding carry on luggage. But remember that even though all airports throughout the country adhere to the same rules, sometimes they are construed in varying ways.

International rules for your cabin luggage can be even more difficult to sort out. Security is generally much more stringent overseas and you will be subject to the regulations in place at your port of arrival. And when you come back home from a foreign country, you will once again need to be aware of the procedures in place at your airport of departure.

It might even seem as if some of the restrictions are more of a request than a requirement. You might be told to bring the bare minimum into the cabin as your carry on luggage. But you are indeed permitted to take luggage up to the maximum size and weight if you so desire.

In the same way, the Transportation Security Administration advises that you should stow away any electronic gear in your checked baggage, although it is permissible to carry them in your hand luggage.

Be Prepared
No doubt you’ve witnessed a passenger at airport security who loudly refuses to obey the rules on carry on luggage. It’s an awkward situation and one that delays all the other passengers as well. And they can’t win – the staff is following the rules and you can’t change their minds by making a fuss. Don’t be that person; know the carry on luggage rules before you leave home.

Your trip will be faster, smoother and safer if you just take the time to check the current restrictions on your carry on luggage.

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By Pat Lowe – Pat Lowe is a frequent flyer and knows the ins and outs of luggage. You can read more about baggage at The Luggage Carousel at

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