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Las Vegas: A guide to casinos of Las Vegas

By: Orson Johnson

Whoever has heard of Las Vegas, automatically terms it together with the word gambling; and yes they go hand in hand. Las Vegas is known as one of the casino capitals of the world today with some of the biggest names and hotels found rights here on the Las Vegas strip. Each casino has a different tweak to it and if you stick to just one in Las Vegas, you’re missing the point.

We’ll start with some of the most famous resorts in Las Vegas and which better one to pick than the MGM Grand. If you’re looking for the largest resort combined with the largest casino in Vegas, you’ve hit home. Thousands of slot machines and video poker, hundreds of tables with anything from blackjack to baccarat and a 22 table poker room with the best service in the town all await you when you step onto the floors.

Next we’ll step into one of the most high class resorts in Vegas, Mandalay Bay. With over a 130,000 square foot casino floor, this casino is quite unlike any other. With tons of “live action” tables, you’re more than likely to find your preferred game of choice. Play amongst the lush tropical settings and feel the calm relaxed atmosphere consume you as you sip on one of their famous cocktails. Mandalay Bay even offers poker lessons daily for the starter gambler absolutely free of charge.

The Bellagio is said to have paved the way for the concepts of the newer casinos today. With its unbelievably stylish interior and ultimate comfort settings, you’ll feel like you’re “rolling” with royalty. The Legendary “Bobby’s Poker Room” is found in this sophisticated casino, which supposedly are hands down the most elite of Vegas. But if you’re not a super high roller and don’t fuss over the big names , The Bellagio has a spectacular selection of over 2000 slot machines, tables and poker rooms to tingle your senses.

If you’re looking for casinos off the Las Vegas strip, then head downtown for the Golden Nugget. Winner of awards such as the luckiest casino and best casino, this 38,000 sq.ft casino offers you everything from table games like Caribbean Stud and Pai-Gow to what seems to be and endless flow of slot machines.

Another casino to try out would be Gold Coast. This casino has the usual table games and slot machines but what makes it a unique casino destination would be its huge BINGO! Game. Be cautious though for first timers coming here, you’ll be surprised what the old ladies would do to shove you out of their way in their race toward the bingo hall.

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