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Las Vegas Cirque Shows?

By: Joan Ewart

Want to see the real Las Vegas Cirque Shows?

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Cirque du Soleil has surely arrived as even Barnum and Bailey have tried to pull off a copycat show. If you can’t get to Vegas you may want to see one of these imitators called Cirque Productions Goldberg – be aware they are totally different productions and has no relationship to Las Vegas Cirque shows. They are entertaining, less expensive productions and can be seen in various cities around the country.

Cirque du Soleil was founded in 1984 in Montreal by two very talented street performers. Originally in the ’80s, Cirque Shows were held under the Big Top, they quickly gained a positively panting audience for the mystique and the beauty of the shows. Taking their cue from Russian circuses, the performances told a story, granted a far-fetched story, but one that took Cirque du Soleil to a whole new level and the audience loved it.

Cirque shows (the real McCoy) have found a home in Las Vegas with 5 permanent theaters dedicated to Cirque productions. A combination of dance, acrobatic performances, singing and ethereal music, not to mention outrageous costuming they are continuously sought after and enjoyed!

Make sure you get to Las Vegas to see at least one of these fantastic productions.

Las Vegas Cirque shows are now 5 in numbers and a 6th offering will be added at the Luxor, (coming soon).

Tickets are available for the following shows:

  • “O”
    The stage is a pool and all the pool a stage! This spectacular water event takes place at The Bellagio at its theater built especially for the show. You’ll see synchronized swimming like Ester Williams never thought of (or perhaps invented), clowns, fire dancers and beautiful costuming.
    is the first show to hit Las Vegas and has been on now for close to fifteen years. World-beat music and mythology theme, it is a Franco Dragone production. You can catch this one at TI (Treasure Island).
  • Zumanity 
    topless women, narrated by a drag queen, you see another side of Cirque, sexy and funny all along with acrobatics! This show is a big draw at New York New York.
  • MGM presents “Ka”
    is totally unlike any other Cirque show, the multi-million dollar theater once again was built just for this production with a stage that changes elevations and leaves you gasping with the scenes that follow. This is a martial-arts extravaganza, poetry without words and the most expensive show in Las Vegas. An absolute must see for those who crave something totally unique.

    If you love the music of the Beatles, “All You Need is LOVE”. Beatles music drifts through this production that is a visual blast, outstanding costumes, rollerbladers, acrobatic tricks – Strawberry Fields Forever. At The Mirage.

You can find out more about Las Vegas and Cirque shows and buy tickets at Las Vegas Wow

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