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Las Vegas for People of Size

By Tony Harrell

Las Vegas is an amazing destination, often recognized as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”! One important thing to know is that the Las Vegas Strip is HUGE! It is four miles long with casinos that can take an hour or more to explore. It would certainly be a challenge for anyone to see the myriad of attractions in one trip. For a person of size, the sheer amount of options not to mention ground to cover may seem intimidating at first. But never fear: there are ways to make the experience not only much more manageable but a lot of fun!

  1. Choose a smaller hotel
    Bill’s Gambling Hall is conveniently located in the center of the Strip. One would never consider it to be among the flashiest or upscale properties in Vegas, Nonetheless, it is the smallest casino on the Strip and therefore is extremely easy to enter and exit. At the largest Strip casinos, it can take up to a half-hour to get from your room out to the sidewalk. Contrast that to Bill’s where from the front desk, one is less than thirty steps from the coffee shop, the steakhouse, the bell desk, the side exit and the elevator. In addition, it has a prime location in the center of the Strip. One negative is the lack of an upgraded smoke filtration system, which can trap cigarette smoke at busier times. Fortunately, it is rather easy to leave all of that! All of that said, for more of a “wow” factor, there are other notable smaller casinos such as Bally’s, Flamingo and Tropicana to consider. Be aware that each hotel-casino has its own personality; you’ll want to be certain that it fits your style as well as your needs. It may turn out that a larger Strip property has what you’re looking for, after all.
  2. Rent a car
    If you are flying to Vegas, this will literally save you a lot of legwork. While all casinos offer “free” valet parking, the valets heartily appreciate tips upon securing and especially retrieving your vehicle. I usually give $2-5 upon return of my vehicle and the valets are content, sometimes offering to give directions as appreciation of the higher end amount. This would also give you the option of staying at casinos or other hotels off the Strip, many of which are easier to navigate around. (Note that those who plan to imbibe should choose a designated driver or otherwise avail themselves of a taxi or limo; Las Vegas police officers have zero tolerance when it comes to DUI.)
  3. Rent a scooter
    In lieu of a car, this can be a convenient way to travel from casino to casino. Don’t worry about any sort of stigma in making this choice as it has become an increasingly popular method of transportation. Even typical-sized people increasingly indulge in a scooter in order to get around the Strip faster. You may even revel in the ability to outpace your walking companions! There are numerous mobility suppliers in Vegas that should generally be able to accommodate super-sized customers.
  4. Stay downtown
    For those who don’t know, despite all its glitz and glamour, the Strip is not downtown. In fact, about 90% of it isn’t even in the city proper. Downtown Las Vegas, specifically Fremont Street, is north of the Strip. The biggest difference you will find here is the close proximity of all the casinos. Most of the casinos in the area are located under the Fremont Street Experience, a canopy that features music-themed light shows nightly. Another side benefit is that you’ll get more overall value for your entertainment dollar, particularly with lower gaming minimums offering more favorable odds compared to the Strip.

So it is indeed possible for you, a person of size, to enjoy everything that Las Vegas has to offer! I’d encourage you to come to this desert oasis…because you deserve it!


By Tony Harrell – Tony Harrell is the owner of Abundant Travel, where he creates Premium Vacation Experiences for People of Size. Visit his site at

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