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Is Las Vegas For Gays And Lesbians?

By Elisabeth Fenton

Yes, of course Vegas is for gays and lesbians! Las Vegas caters for all and has a thriving gay scene, although public displays of affection by same sex couples are not common even though Vegas has a reputation for wild partying and the extreme. Civil unions and same sex marriages are not recognized by the state of Nevada, yet!

The cities most popular and famous gay nightspot is Krave, which is the only gay Mega-club on the Strip. Krave opened it’s doors in 2003 and boasts an impressive 17 000 square feet of hot, hyped entertainment. It has hosted many impressive events featuring many famous people. Krave offers it’s patrons superior service and a warm, positive atmosphere and this is what has earned Krave it’s sterling reputation.

Krave also hosts the famous Girl-bar, a lesbian night, every Saturday. The emphasis is on very sexy clientele and hot DJ’s. Girls of course!

You can catch Las Vegas Pride in May and the Bighorn Rodeo each September. These annual events are a real spectacular and draw thousands of visitors and locals alike.

While most of the entertainment is oriented towards men in the form of bars, clubs and drag shows, many host women only nights and Betty’s Outrageous Adventures is a great place to hang out with and meet local lesbians. Betty’s was started in 2000 and provides activities for local lesbians including social, cultural and outdoor events encouraging friendships and a strong sense of community for the diverse Las Vegas lesbian crowd.

There is plenty of gay and lesbian fun to be had in Vegas, just ask for the Fruit-loop, the epicenter of gay Vegas along Paradise Road. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

Las Vegas Gay Life


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