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Las Vegas Hotels at Bargain Basement Prices

By Elle Jamison

When you think of the glitz and glamour that is Las Vegas, the dollar signs begin ringing in your head. With all of the fine-dining, boutique shopping & partying shoulder to shoulder with A-list celebrities that goes on, its understandable to get the impression that the Vegas scene is just too expensive for you to enjoy. WRONG!

A trip to Las Vegas can actually be surprisingly affordable – so long as you don’t blow your budget on the roulette wheel. With over 300 hotels to choose from, needless to say competition is extremely tight, which is great for us the consumers as this tends to force the prices down. Below is a list of four Vegas hotels which can be picked up from less than $40 per night! That’s right – modern, spacious hotel rooms in the heart of Las Vegas for under $40!

  • Circus Circus
    This 3-star hotel on the strip is possibly the best value for money of all Vegas properties, boasting its own indoor theme park for both adults and kids to enjoy. The hotel also features a large outdoor swimming pool, spa & wellness center, an array of quality bars and restaurants, and first-class gaming facilities with the hotel’s casino featuring a ‘race and sports betting auditorium’ second to none. For those ready to take the plunge, there is even an on-site wedding chapel.
  • Imperial Palace Casino Hotel
    The Japanese-styled 3-star hotel provides a large outdoor pool area equipped with Jacuzzi, spa & massage service, excellent gaming facilities, and awesome in-house restaurants and bars, including the infamous Rockhouse nightclub. Like Circus Circus, Imperial Palace also features an on-site wedding chapel.
    Centrally located on the strip, this hotel provides much more than the price tag would suggest.
  • Riviera Hotel & Casino
    The extremely affordable Riviera hotel boasts a luxurious outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts, a number of top restaurants and bars, and an impressive on-site casino. For those in need of a little pampering, the elegant spa & beauty center offers great massage and body therapies. All guest rooms are equipped with large flat screen TVs.
  • Excalibur Hotel & Casino
    The recently renovated Excalibur hotel will blow you away when you see what’s on offer. This 3-star hotel on the strip features 2 amazing outdoor swimming pools with waterslides for the kids, and cabanas for the adults, 6 mouth-watering restaurants, numerous bars and lounges, a full service spa and fitness center, and nightly in-house entertainment. There is also fantastic gaming facilities at Excalibur’s casino.


By Elle JamisonIf you are planning a trip to Vegas on a tight budget, be sure to stay at one of these four hotels. You simply can’t go wrong! You can take a look at other 3 star hotels in Vegas by visiting

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