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LAX Transportation to San Pedro

By Andrew Welkinson

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is located in Westchester neighborhood, which is 16 mile (26 km) from the downtown LA. This is one of the busiest airports in the United States, and 7th busiest airport in the world that serves direct flight to North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. In 2009, 59.5 million people used this airport.

If you are going to San Pedro from LAX then after landing in LA, you will need a good quality limousine transportation service that transfers to San Pedro (LAX airport car transportation to San Pedro to catch a cruise ship) without causing much fuss.

San Pedro is the port neighborhood of Los Angeles, and LAX is the nearest airport to the city. It is a major tourist destination of LA, and because of its physical proximity with Los Angeles, the city is bound to get many tourists including those who wish to spend good sum for a limo ride that transfers to San Pedro (LAX airport car transportation to San Pedro to catch a cruise ship) in style. Hence, there are many airport limo services to serve the city.

To reach the port city from Los Angeles International Airport, you will need to take San Diego Freeway (405) south to the Harbor Freeway(110), and from there you will have to move south on the Harbor Freeway to San Pedro.

About the city

The city is located in Mediterranean climate zone (Koppen climate classification). it experiences warm to hot summers and mild, wet winters. Unlike inland Los Angeles, the summers of the coastal region are cooler and winters are warmer due to the breezes from Pacific Ocean.

In summers, the temperature of inland LA gets hotter by as much as 18 degrees F (10 degrees C) in comparison to San Pedro and other coastal region in LA.

Places to see
It is a very famous tourist destination in all of California. Hence, if you are going to the port city then you must see the following places, provided you have time at hand.

  • Vincent Thomas Bridge: This 1,500-foot (457 m)-long suspension bridge that links the city with Terminal Island got its name from California Assemblyman Vincent Thomas. It is a must-visit place in the city.
  • Los Angeles Maritime Museum, the largest Maritime Museum in California
  • Victory ship of World War II: it’s fully operation, and a must-see.

You should also not miss the opportunity to take a ride (even brief) on Port of LA Waterfront Red Car. It is a heritage streetcar line in the city. The streetcar line operates 3 days a week from Friday to Sunday. It may run on other days as well, but that depends upon how many passenger ships have docked.

Route of the streetcar line:
The streetcar starts from Cruise Center development, which is near the Vincent Thomas Bridge, and goes till the intersection of 22nd Street and Miner Street.

If you are on a one-day trip (or maybe two) then while booking a limo ride make sure that your limo picks you up in the morning and transfers to San Pedro (LAX airport car transportation to San Pedro to catch a cruise ship), and waits there to pick you up on return in the evening. This will save you from the time wasted in searching for ride back to LA.

Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car Line


By Andrew Welkinson – Andrew Welkinson reviews and writes about LAX transportation services companies, travel and tourism. When renting town-car cruise transfers to San Pedro, do your homework before you buy.

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