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London Eye – The Spinning World

By Pushpitha Wijesinghe

The London Eye is a perfect fusion of extraordinary design, unmatched engineering and outstanding architecture.

It is London’s most visited tourist attraction and is a significant landmark in modern day Britain. Also known as the Millennium Wheel, the London Eye started spinning in March 2000 and by today it is visited by more than 3.5 million people on an annual basis. It is the world’s largest observation wheel and stands as high as 443 feet or 135 meters. The London Eye has also earned a name as the fourth tallest structure in London.

A passenger seated in a magnificently engineered capsule can get a bird’s eye view of nearly 40 kilometers in every direction. The London Eye is the brainchild of the renowned architect couple David Marks and Julia Barfield. Other renowned architects like Steven Chilton, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk and Nic Bailey also chipped in to create this magnificent piece of engineering. It took nearly seven years to complete the daunting task of building The London Eye.

During the initial stages of setting up the extraordinary London Eye, entities like British Airways played a major role in the funding part of it. Currently it is managed by London Eye Company Limited which is a Merlin Entertainments Group Company.

The wheel comes with 32 sealed, air-conditioned passenger capsules and each can accommodate approximately 24 people. Passengers will have the liberty to even walk about the capsule while it is rotating. However, seating facilities are also provided. Each rotation takes approximately 30 minutes and a capsule travels at a stately 26 centimeters per second or 0.9 kilometers per hour.

The London Eye is today a significant landmark set amidst an outstanding city. Since 2005, the Eye has also been involved in London’s New Year celebrations. A 10-minute firework display takes place and fireworks are fired from the wheel itself. Travellers can easily visit the London Eye since it’s connected to all major transport links and located close to many well appointed Gatwick Airport hotels.

The London Eye – London Travel Guide


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