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Luxurious Hotels on Oahu

By: Kani Amea

The island of Oahu has varied hotel options. If you want luxury on your vacations, there are some interesting hotels to choose. Experience a stay at glamorous hotels that offers plenty of activities to do.

Halekulani is a resort located on Waikiki beach. Almost all rooms have oceanic view and a spacious bath. DVD player and wireless Internet access are included in room services. The most luxurious hotel in Waikiki is located near the most popular night shows and entertainment. Some of the finest restaurants are located at Halekulani.

Other hotel option is Kahala Hotel and Resort. This beautiful hotel is decorated with Tibetan carpets and teak floors. This is the hotel where celebrities like presidents and actors stay. Kahala Hotel and Resort is located on the beautiful Kahala beach and ten minutes away from Waikiki beach. The hotel has a large outdoor pool, where you can take free scuba lessons.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you may choose Turtle Bay Resort. Located at North Shore of Oahu, this resort is right at the beach, far away from city noises. There are various styles of guest rooms and suites, all beautifully decorated and with balconies with fantastic views. If you want more privacy you can stay at the beach cottages. You can stay at the hotel all day, but if you want to explore the rest of the island there is a bus system that will take you to most places.

These luxurious hotels grant you a relaxed vacation, next to the beach and with all kinds of commodities. If you come to Oahu, the most popular island in Hawaii, and want to rest and have fun at the same time, don’t doubt to choose any of these hotels.

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By Kani Amea
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