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Melbourne’s Best Tourist Attractions – The Rialto Tower

By Dominique Vangheel

Melbourne is a place where locals and tourists alike enjoy going around because of the many attractions it offers. It has museums, parks, aquariums, and so many eclectic architectural styles both modern and traditional. One of its many attractions is the Rialto Tower which is considered to be one of the highest buildings in the Southern Hemisphere.

When you are on top of the tower, you will be able to have a splendid view of the Melbourne CBD and the beautiful surroundings. It would also offer a view of the Port Phillip Bay as well as the Dandenong Ranges when you are situated on the Rialto’s observation deck. There are a lot of notable facts about the tower.

Melbourne Tourist Attractions
Noticeable Facts about the Rialto Tower
For one, it is included in the list of great towers of the world where only limited buildings have been enlisted. It also amazingly contains 1.8 hectares of glass making the building look so marvelous and in which you can look out to the city when you are inside the building. It is just so exciting knowing that you will encounter such features of a great structure when you are going to visit the city.

In moving around the building, you won’t have any problems in waiting for the lifts to be available since there are a total of 38 lifts to get you from one floor to another around the tower. If you want a physically challenging event you can also take part in the yearly 1450 steps run up the stairs race.

The Rialto Tower building consists of two towers, one from the North end and the other is on the South. Going to the South Tower’s 55th floor will get you to the famous Observation Deck where you would not need any telescope to enjoy the scenic vista as long as the day is clear and bright. If you want to go higher, you can always go to its highest floor which is the 63rd. Comparing the two towers though, the one on the North side is a bit modest since it is just a 43 story building.

If you want to avoid the tourists’ crowd, you’d better be in the tower before 10 in the morning. You can also stay up there for as long as you want until they close the door. Many tourists love to spend time on that height gazing at the stars with their special someone. Always remember though that you won’t need to take your binoculars when you stay there since the entrance fee for the deck will already include free use of binoculars provided by them.

Rialto Tower Observation Deck
Thousands of tourists have been up the Rialto Tower and many think it is one of Melbourne’s top tourist attractions. Unfortunately the observation deck has been closed since December of 2009 and was converted to a restaurant. No need to worry since you can still enjoy the scenic view while you are enjoying your favorite dish. Now, there is a meal to remember!

And if the Rialto Tower is not high enough, then walk ten minutes to the new highest building of Melbourne, the Eureka Tower. Open since October 2006, this is now the highest tower in Melbourne.

Whether it’s the Eureka Tower or the Rialto Tower you fancy, both our top Melbourne tourist attractions. They offer a fabulous view of the beautiful city of Melbourne and its surroundings.


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