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Mexico – Plenty Safe and Cheap for Spring Break

Buildings on Cancun Coastline

By Owen Walcher

A Mexico Spring Break is Fun and Affordable

The temperatures are starting to rise. The birds are chirping and the animals are scurrying about with their young. The first buds are appearing on trees and patches of green are beginning to appear on the lawn. All of these mean one thing – spring is here. And for many, the warmer weather means shedding that winter coat and heavy sweaters for shorts and tank tops on a Mexico spring break trip.

Obviously, finances are tight for a lot of Americans these days, but there is good news – the Mexican peso has historically been weak against the U.S. dollar and that trend has increased of late. That means your hard-earned dollars really stretch in Mexico. Even in the primary resort towns dining and lodging at very nice restaurants and hotels is pretty cheap, especially when compared to similar locales in the States.

For the hard-core, college party crowd, Cancun is always first choice. The dance clubs and bars are renowned for their energetic atmosphere and late night parties. Spring break in Cancun is not the anything-goes frat party it was in the late nineties, as the community is attempting to re-mold its image as a time-share, but over 35,000 people still descend on the town over a month or so period each year.

For a more civilized yet still fun spring break, Cozumel, a little island just miles east of Cancun, offers a more touristy trip, but plenty of cheerfully boisterous nightlife.

Mazatlan is the party destination on Mexico’s west coast. Mazatlan can rival Cancun for outrageous atmosphere and party-till-you-drop attitude. Cheap taxis are readily available to let you bounce from large thumping dance clubs to more laid-back outdoor cafes.

Puerto Vallarta is also on the west coast and while it can be raucous as well, it has the more family atmosphere of Cozumel.

Addressing the issue of the rampant drug violence in Mexico -Mexico’s tourist areas see crime, to be sure, but officials in the most popular tourist destinations have installed very conspicuous surveillance cameras throughout the towns and increased security measures and personnel. In general, you can travel Mexico they same way you would in America – comfortably, but prudently cautious. In Mexico vacation towns are as safe as any American town, and the US State Department has concluded that resort regions in Mexico do not see the drug-linked violence and crime frequent in the border areas and heavy drug trafficking routes.

Dangers of traveling to Mexico for Spring Break 2011


By Owen WalcherOwen Walcher lives in Glenwood Springs Colorado and Vacations in Mazatlan, Mexico. He writes about many topics including home and garden, vacation travel, security, professional services and other topics of interest. Right now Owen is on Spring Break in Mexico with friends and family.

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