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Most Popular Alaskan Cruise Destinations – You Should Not Miss This

By Alicia McWilliams

There are many great Alaskan cruise destinations to experience when on this great vacation. Many of the most popular destinations on an Alaskan cruise vacation include popular cities, natural wonders and all sorts of unique remote parts of Alaska. Here are some of these most popular places to visit on an Alaskan cruise vacation.

The city of Anchorage
is one of the top places to visit on a cruise. This city is a unique place that located near many great wooded areas and features a variety of different attractions. Among these places to visit in Anchorage include the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Oscar Anderson House Museum. Don’t be surprised to find wildlife in the city limits because there are all sorts of animals to see in Anchorage. These include grizzly bears, black bears and moose.

is a popular place to visit during these cruises. This area, which is located on the southern islands of the state, features a unique downtown area with a variety of spots of fishing and for eating fish that are caught along the area. This place is especially notable for its large collection of totem poles of many different sizes. There are more totem poles that are currently standing in Ketchikan than in any other part of the world.

The state capital of Juneau
is another popular place to visit. Juneau is near the Juneau Icefield. This area features many different large glaciers including the Lemon Creek Glacier. It is also notable for Mendenhall Glacier, a glacier that is more than ten miles in length.

Glacier Bay
is a notable place to visit in Alaska on an Alaskan cruise vacation. This part of Alaska in the southeastern area of the state features more than a dozen glaciers over a span of more than sixty miles. This is a unique place to visit but there have been worries about the health of the area due to global warming.

College Fjord
is another place to visit among these Alaskan cruise destinations. This fjord near Prince William Sound features many glaciers, including the Amherst, Bryn Mawr, Harvard and Wellesley Glaciers. It is also a unique place for geographical discoveries and investigations in that it is where the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964, the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the United States, originated in.

There are all sorts of great Alaskan cruise destinations that are popular to visit during an Alaskan cruise vacation. These places include notable cities and towns and all sorts of unique places with a variety of amazing glaciers. They are among the best places to visit when on a cruise in the great state of Alaska.

Glacier Bay Alaska


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