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Oahu Secluded Beaches

By: Kani Amea

If you want a quiet and private beach where you can relax, Oahu has a number of beaches that are quiet and hidden, making you escape from the city noise. The most isolated beaches in Oahu are the Makua Beach, Kahuku Beach and the Kawela Bay.

Kahuku Beach

You will find Kahuka beach between Kahuku Japanese Cemetery to the north and the Makahoa Point to the south just in front of the nine-hole public Kahuku Golf Course.

Most people you find here are locals who hang out and surf or fish. There are usually very few people here and nearly all visitors don’t ever come here. You will never find crowds here.

Kahuka’s long and wide sand gives you good opportunities for fishing and surfing. Surfing and swimming here is not recommended for beginners because of the rocky ocean bottom and the coral reef. The main water activities here are fishing and surfing but it’s important to note that there are no facilities and life guards available.

Kawela Bay

Located near Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of the island, Kawela Bay is one of the most secluded and hidden beaches in Oahu. If you want to get away from the other crowded beaches, Kawela Bay is perfect because you will barely notice any people. You get to totally unwind, bathe in the lukewarm water and perhaps have a calm walk.

Due to the less stones and corals in the middle and western part of the bay, it can make a good spot for snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. The good point about Kawela Bay is that the waters are calm all year round. The main water activities here are Swimming, Scuba Diving ,Snorkeling and Fishing .There are also no facilities and life guards.

Makua Beach

Makua beach is rather unique because of the less development and yet having great surroundings. This is the perfect place if you want to avoid the noisy city and crowds. It is among the most spectacular beaches in Oahu.

It is situated on Oahu’s leeward “west” coast, far away from crowds. Although it is a beautiful white-sand beach, it lacks sheltered spots and yet it is sometimes dry and hot. It is ideal for surfers and body boarders because of the good waves all year round. The main water activities here are Fishing, Snorkeling, Swimming and Surfing. There are no life guards but it has space for parking.

If you want to take time and relax alone, try Makua Beach and if you want to mix with locals and yet in a quiet surrounding, Kahuka Beach is the perfect spot. For even a more secluded surrounding, Kawela Bay provides for that atmosphere.

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By Kani Amea
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